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Every time I think of the word jelly my mind runs off singing Boutilious, you know “I don’t think you’re ready” that’s it… it’s in my head now! I really liked the Whoosh shower jelly (£3.95) from Lush I reviewed maybe half a year ago, it mixed up showering and it was a novel yet effective product. Trying out the Primark Rose shower jelly I had high expectations.

Primark Shower Jelly- MAHALA

The packaging is nice, it doesn’t look particularly cheap or tacky. The jelly itself is a pretty bright pink and smells of rose and isn’t too overpowering.- A plus as I don’t want to smell like potpourri. The problem with this product is that no matter how hard I tried to get it out of the tub the jelly wouldn’t budge, so I tried to get it with my fingers, you know scoop round the edge and it just broke up. The jelly is so soft that it broke into so many pieces that it looked like it’d been dropped and scooped back into the tub.

The jelly served it’s purpose of cleaning, but it disintegrates so quickly with a bit of water I had to work quick. I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t enough gelatine or whatever they use to bind the soap to be a jelly, it’s just not sturdy enough for washing.

Lush Shower Jelly - MAHALA

The Lush shower jelly was far superior, it was easy to use as it was fairly sturdy and didn’t break until several uses and even then it only broke in half. The price difference for these two jellies isn’t hugely different, I think the Primark one was £3 at most or maybe £2, regardless of price I would say stick with Lush for shower jellies, then you’re actually getting something you can wash with!

What’s your favourite shower product? Shower jellies yay or nay?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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