M&S Advent Calendar Days 1-6


The M&S advent calendar what can I say so far? Each day there’s been a decent sized product and you definitely don’t feel like you’ve been let down that day; like my boyfriend has with his lego one (lol nostalgic millennials). Day 1 to 5 has been skincare and we’ve had two shimmer body products which I’m not overly excited about as it’s just something I’ve never been drawn to. Although I have enjoyed trying the Rosie for Autograph Body Glow, I was worried it’d make me look like a stripper with all that glitter but it’s actually quite natural(ish) and will look beautiful on any skin tone for festive events.

M&S Advent Calendar Days 1-6 - MAHALA

The Anti-age Advanced rejuvenating cream is something I’ll be passing on to someone else, but I’m intrigued to try Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Gel not like I need plumping (my cheeks are huge!) but the name has sold me.

Today is definitely the product I’ve been the most excited by, of course it’s got to be lipstick! This Stila liquid lipstick in the shade Perla is a beautiful pinky nude and it’ll be the first product I’ve tried from the brand. Think I’ll be giving it a whirl tomorrow for work.

After I’ve tried everything from the calendar I’ll have to do a hit or miss post and tally up if it’s worth it. Fingers crossed on my end that I get some more makeup!

Are you loving or hating your advent calendar? Can you believe it’ll be Christmas soon?- Be sure to comment, I love hearing from you guys! ♥︎

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