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When I think of Real Techniques great quality and bright colours come to mind. Their new PowderBleu Collection is sleek, dark and classy; more like an older sophisticated sister to previous releases. The brushes are specially designed to apply powder perfectly to the face due to their Blue Squirrel hairs, don’t freak out at that like I did, it’s actually synthetic bristles! FYI Blue Squirrels do exist and the fibres were designed after them; by combining soft, long tapered and wiry bristles to optimise layering of powders. I always imagined squirrel tails to be a bit stiff, but these brushes are incredibly soft.

RT PowderBleu Review - MAHALA

RT PowderBleu Review - MAHALA

B01 Soft Powder Brush (£22)

  • RT recommends- Use highlighter, bronzer or powder foundations.
  • My verdict- I used this with my fave Hoola Bronzer, it went on softly and diffused well looking more natural than normal.  The bristles come to a point, so you can really get into the hollows of your cheeks and create some definition. I love using this brush for blush, it’s so big and fluffy, and buffs the pigment all around the cheeks. Sadly, the first time I used this the brush shed slightly.

B02 Soft Finishing Brush (£22)

  • RT recommends- Use for highlighter or blush.
  • My verdict- Personally I feel this brush is a little too small for blush, but for highlight I think it’s perfect. It picks up the powder well and diffuses it naturally onto the skin. I did experience one of the bristles shedding from this brush, which is really disappointing considering the high-end price tag.

B03 Soft Complexion Brush (£22)

  • RT recommends- Use for setting powder.
  • My verdict- This brush is great for pressing powder lightly onto under eye concealer and setting the rest of the face with a translucent powder. After spritzing the face with Fix+ I press the droplets of product into the skin with this brush. It is fantastic, since using this brush for these two steps my base lasts much longer.

B04 Soft Shadow Brush (£15)

  • RL recommends- Use to blend and layer eyeshadow.
  • My verdict- This is a great fluffy blending brush, it is tapered so definition can be added if desired.

Hit or Miss?

I think these brushes are really luxe feeling, looking and are packed well. They give beautiful finishes, but now onto what you want to know… Are they worth the money? I’m torn, I think they’re great but two brushes shed on me on the first use, the first use! They haven’t in subsequent uses (yet), paying this much and having this problem isn’t ideal.

I’d recommend my two favourites B03 and B04, I think they pushed my makeup to the next level and more importantly didn’t shed! I think they’re worth your time and money, when it comes to B01 and B02 I can’t stand behind them, I think you can definitely live without these two brushes at that price. So it’s half a hit (or half a miss, depending on how you see life!).

*I was sent these brushes to review by Influenster for free, the opinions expressed in this post are solely my own.

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You a fan of Real Techniques? What do you think of shedding, can you look past it?- Be sure to comment to let me know! Thanks for reading ♥︎

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