Strawberry Deodorant | Hit or Miss?

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Strawberry Deodorant | Hit or Miss?- MAHALA

I’ve gone through a lot of Strawberry Body Butter (£6) from The Body Shop over the years, it just never fails to disappoint. The fruit is one of my favourite scents, as well as foods. I’ve been a bit behind with new releases from the brand, I just tend to stick to my favourites and haven’t paid much attention to anything else in-store. Until recently… I’ve been trying the Strawberry Anti-Perspirant deodorant (£4) which I thought was new, actually it’s been around a while now (1-2 years), shows how out of the loop I am!

I’ve gone off of aerosol deodorants, the fog it leaves which you then breathe in, with all it’s nastiness (unless you run out of the room, holding your breath) has put me off lately. I just don’t like the idea of it going in my lungs. The alternative of course is a roll on, but they have always reminded me of grannies! That being said I say this product hits the mark with me.

When it comes to scent it smells like strawberry for definite, but more of a strawberry and vodka cocktail, leaving you with a hint of strawberry freshness throughout the day and don’t worry your boss won’t think you’ve had a rough night as the vodka smell fades. This is a very sweet scent, so if you aren’t into fruity scents give this a miss and try the White Musk (£4) deodorant instead.

Strawberry Deodorant | Hit or Miss?- MAHALA

I’ve been paranoid about white marks which roll ons can leave, so I put it on and leave it for a couple of minutes before I dress and haven’t experienced any white marks whatsoever on any of my clothing. The only downside I’ve experienced was when I wore a new top little fluffs got stuck all over, not that cutest thing… But how often are your pits on show after wearing a new top? Also, how often do you wear new tops (in my case not that often!)? A lot of product comes out, so a quick roll on or a couple of dabs is all you need. The product is comfortable to wear throughout the day and it  hasn’t left the sensitive area of my under arms dry or irritated, which some aerosols have done.

Hit or miss? This product is definitely a hit for me, I feel fresh throughout the day and haven’t noticed any differences in freshness and wear, compared to my trusty Dove Cucumber deodorant (£3.09). This product is affordable and I love the novelty of it being strawberry. I definitely recommend, I will be buying a replacement when I run out!

Nuts about strawberries too? What’s your favourite product from The Body Shop?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎


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