My Fave Skincare Tool

Skincare is such a personal ritual. For myself it varies depending on my hormones, if I’m feeling lazy and my budget. I like to change it up every couple of months to see if a product is actually beneficial like my Garnier Rose Toner; I went without for a couple of months and I’m never going without again! After a week of using it again my redness and pore size reduced considerably. Another favourite product of mine is the 2-in-1 Facial Exfoliator Cleanser (£4.99) from Tk Maxx. There are different versions of these in-store from rose gold handles to purple bristles, I of course had to get a pink one!

My Fave Skincare Tool- MAHALAWhy Exfoliate?

Exfoliating removes dirt and old makeup from the pores, evens skin texture by removing dead skin and prevents pore blockage.– I wish someone had told me this when I was a teenager! I’m not the biggest fan of products with beads which exfoliate the skin as I find their a bit too rough, even more so since brands have started using natural ingredients like nuts, their just a bit sharp.

My Top Tip- Don’t exfoliate too much! I exfoliate one to two days a week, you do not want to over-exfoliate as this can cause cracks in the skin and reduce hydration.

The dual sided tool lets you choose which method of exfoliation you require. The white synthetic fibres side is really soft and comfortable on the skin as it gently brushes the skin. The pink bumpy side is a bit more rough and exfoliates well. For an efficient deep clean I use the pink side with a little bit of Garnier Cleansing Gel on my wet face and then I use the white side with more water. I give it a quick clean after use and let it dry for next time.

On the market there are electronic brush exfoliators similar to this 2-in-1, but I’m dubious to try one as I think I’d be more likely to over-exfoliate. I have a lot of control with this product with regards to pressure, the speed and the brush strokes on my face, where as I worry that I might go OTT with an electronic one.

I’ve noticed the quality of my skin has gotten smoother and less dry after using this as a step in my skincare routine. I definitely recommend investing in an exfoliating cleanser like this as it’s inexpensive and benefits your skin so much!

Have you got an electronic exfoliator, is it any good? What’s your favourite skincare product atm?- Be sure to comment and let me know. Thanks for reading ♥︎

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