Moanings of a Millennial – The 5 Stages of Job Applications

Happy Monday all!

Here’s a new segment to my little old blog, the daily moanings from me…

I remember at school they said, “you’ll all find it hard to find a job”, I sat back and thought “what are they on about?”. Well here I am months later and I’ve applied for dream jobs, jobs I’d be okay doing and jobs to end all my dreams. Today I thought I’d share with you the five stages I think you go through when applying for jobs. Perhaps a few of you out there can relate to this…

1.) Applying for dream jobs

You’re full of hope and self belief, as you press the send button on your email you feel a buzz. You even tell people about how the cool the job sounds as you’re that excited.

2.) Waiting… and then waiting some more

This stage really gets to me! You wait and wait, and wonder how long is too long to wait to hear back? It’s the lack of any sort of acknowledgement of my application which gets me down. It means I’m freaking out wondering if they’ve even got my application; but it also fills me with hope, thinking oooh I might still have a chance (months later).

I’ve also gotten into this bad habit of excessively checking my email.


3.) Applying for meh jobs 

After saying goodbye to dream jobs, you apply for jobs you’d be okay doing and okay telling people that’s what you’re up to. Still hanging onto the hope that someone might reply back about your dream job.

4.) Feeling Sh*t about yourself

You feel low. You thought you’d have at least had one job interview by now and you feel like a piece of…

I’ve had some delightful rejections, one company disliked me so much they thought it necessary to send not one but two rejection emails (perhaps it was an error- lol), although it doesn’t compare to the one line rejection “we have better people than you” I received not too long ago. Luckily I’m pretty good with set backs or else I think that would be soul crushing, think someone in their HR needs to be replaced by someone “better”.

5.) Applying for crap jobs

You’ve lowered yourself to apply for jobs you thought you’d never do, as you need anything.

BUT then you see another dream job, you’re filled with hope and the cycle starts again!

If you’re like me you’re under qualified for the dream jobs and over qualified for the crap jobs lets moan together in the comments. I honestly didn’t think it’d be so difficult to find a job considering I have two degrees (and a lot of debt), if you know of any writing jobs or anything beauty related hit me up!

For all of those in the same boat don’t get disheartened and I have everything crossed for you. ♥︎

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7 thoughts on “Moanings of a Millennial – The 5 Stages of Job Applications

  1. YES TO ALL OF THIS! I can definitely relate, I was actually in the process of excessively checking my emails when I saw you posted this lol! The job search process is so draining and stressful, but in due time… Wishing you the best of luck in your search and sending ‘I hope you get that dream job’ vibes your way!

    1. Thanks so much lovely! I think I check my emails 10+ times a day, lol! Thanks for reading, and I’m sending you those vibes right your way too ♥︎

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