I LOVE peach smelling makeup! Too Faced really got on board with this fruit and has a massive collection. I have the iconic palette and the peach oil gloss which I highly recommend, but these products come with a medium/high price for makeup and sometimes you don’t want to splurge.- I can testify to that, I love finding an amazing product that doesn’t make me avoid looking at my bank balance. Here comes in Primark… I have had some amazing hits with this brand (I religiously use their Aloe Vera Pore Strips £1), but I’ve also had some absolute failures (the Rainbow Brightening Mask £3).

Primark Peach Collection | Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

Primark has a selection of some really cute peach inspired products, from body sponges to glosses. I missed out on the palette sadly as every single one had been tampered with in-store. I did however, pick up this adorable Cheeky Peachy blush and highlight palette (£4). The palette I’d say is sort of peachy in scent, although it’s more of a sweet synthetic mix of peach and watermelon. I like it. And look how cute the pans are!

The two blushes are really pigmented, 5 times more pigmented than my Kylie Cosmetic’s blush, which was 5 times the price! I like dabbing into the matte and the shimmer blush for a healthy glow. The highlight is a very subtle glow, which is a plus if you’re pale like me as a mega gold highlight would be too intense. That being said I still need several coats as it’s not the best, because of this I tend to ignore the highlight and stick with the blushes. When it comes to wear the highlight fades on the face quite quickly, whereas the blush seems to stay put throughout the day.

Primark Peach Collection | Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

The Peach Oil Gloss from Too Faced is one of my favourite products ever, the only problem is it’s priced at £16, not incredibly expensive but I never seem to want to buy a replacement for my empty one. I picked up two of Primark’s Peach Oil glosses (£2 or £3 each, I can’t remember!) and they have a similar watermelon and peachy smell. Their comfortable to wear and don’t end up sticky on the lips. They glide on well and are beautifully pigmented and shiny (my phone couldn’t take a decent swatch pic because it was that glossy). The hydration value of the peach oil isn’t as good as Too Faced’s version, but these are still pretty glosses. Personally I prefer Too Faced’s gloss as I think the is a bit better.

Overall this collection is an ok take on the peach trend, it’s wearable and pleasant but isn’t the best peach makeup out there. I’m a fan of the blushes, but don’t seem to be reaching for the glosses that often. Would I buy any of this again, probably not… I’d rather save up for Too Faced’s products instead.

Have you tried Primark’s peach collection? Or are you a fan of Too Faced’s? – Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎