I have a hefty lipstick collection, but I have a few favourites I wear day in day out. When my go to nude, Pastisserie from MAC broke I tried to save it by pressing it back together, but every-time I used it the lipstick would just fall out the tube.- Not the biggest problem in the world, I know, I’m just a millennial on a budget.

It’s no surprise this lipstick broke up majorly, the lustre formula is really creamy and soft, with each application it bends in the tube, it was just the inevitable waiting to happen with each use. Not willing to throw it out I thought I’d do a bit of DIY and de-pot it, I’ve read or seen somewhere that you can melt lipstick over a candle (I don’t know if I did it right, I did it off of memory!).

What you’ll need:

  • Lipstick
  • A pot to put it in, I got mine from Tiger in a set with tonnes of other bits for £4 ,but you can get them in most places like Boots.
  • Something to melt the lipstick in, I used a tin from a mini apple pie and made an indent for pouring and used a peg to hold it like a handle.
  • A knife to cut up the lipstick into small chunks
  • A candle to melt the lipstick over

This was super easy to do and really needs no explanation, you literally melt it then pour it in your container. I was shocked at how little the lipstick melted down to; I thought I’d fill two pots, but didn’t even fill one! I feel that some of the product definitely evaporated, which is bit of a bummer as MAC lipsticks aren’t cheap. I can see the plus side for makeup artists de-potting lipstick, as it’s more hygienic to use on clients and it takes up less room.

In the pot it looks really matte in formula, although when I swatched it with a small lip brush the shine and lustre effect is still there, although I’d say not as much as before (the lights I’ve used give it a bit more gloss). The application is patchier with this technique, when compared to it being it’s previous form, but with a bit of time you can get it looking even. The formula is definitely stiffer leading me back to the point some aspects of the original lipstick have evaporated away.

Don’t throw out your old MAC lipstick container though, if you save up 6 (excluding charity lines) MAC containers you can exchange them for a brand new lipstick from the brand.– That’s a FREE £16.50 lipstick just for recycling! I’m keeping mine in a safe place!

If you’re trying to save a lipstick, I recommend you giving this a go, it was quick and a lot of fun. However, I won’t be doing this with any of my other lipsticks (unless more break) as I feel the process might effect the formula a bit.

What’s your favourite MAC lipstick? Have you had successful de-potting experiences? (lol that sounds odd)- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎