Happy Tuesday everyone!

Not so long ago I was under the misconception that the whole point of base makeup was to have a flat flawless coloured face, which lets be honest made me look like a spoon… The natural face isn’t made up of one colour, there are high and low points and redness etc. I just wish someone had told me this sooner!- Oh well, I just look back now and think how I’ve improved!

ColourPop Concealer | Hit or Miss - MAHALA

Concealer isn’t just for covering blemishes and covering darkness, it can be used to lighten areas of the face making it more structured when other areas are darkened by contouring. I’m a big fan of concealer under the eyes and drag it down the cheek as it hides some of my redness, while brightening up the under eyes. At the minute I have been loving ColourPop’s No Filter Concealer ($6) in the lightest shade available, Fair 05.

My Top Tip- When looking for a good match for concealer, go a shade or two lighter than your foundation so you can use it to highlight areas of your face.

The applicator is sooo soft and it bends to the shape of your face and is really gentle on the skin, as you only need minimal pressure to glide this product on. It has a very faint makeup smell, no hideous floral scent that reminds me of grandmas. The formula is pigmented and creamy. It doesn’t dry down too quickly so you can blend it out well. The swatch looks really warm, although I’d say in person this isn’t the case and it definitely blends out to be more cool toned.

I always set my concealer with a small bit of pressed powder, to stop creasing. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with this concealer it hid imperfections and it lasted well throughout the day. It’s normal for product to break up on me as my face gets oiler in the day, but this concealer held up pretty good.

This product is definitely worth the price tag, I will definitely be buying it again! If you’re in the UK or don’t like buying makeup online, I would recommend that you try out Collection’s Lasting Perfection Concealer it’s around £4 and has a similar full coverage look to Colourpop’s although I’d the formula dries down more matte.

What’s your favourite concealer? What should I review next? – Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎