It’s taken a while for this post to go up as I wanted to do lip swatches, but I’ve had a stinker of cold the last few days, so I thought I’d upload this blog post anyway, considering I’m already behind with this review as I missed out on the first release. So here it is…

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I’m not a die hard Nicki Minaj fan, I can sing along to Starships and Super Bass word for word, but when it comes to the newer stuff I’m pretty clueless. Since I don’t go clubbing anymore (I find I’m too old for that now) I’ve sort of lost touch with pop music. I guess you could say I got the two custom-designed lipsticks from the limited edition MAC collaboration, as I’m a makeup lover rather than a Nicki fan.

I’m a big fan of MAC lipsticks; their great quality and fairly long wearing and these two new additions to my collection are no exceptions. I love the pink metallic packaging, it’s so stylish. The packaging matches the lipstick shade inside, which is handy as you’ll always know what shade you’re reaching for.


Swatches- Nicki’s Nude & The Pinkprint (Top-Bottom)

The Pinkprint (£16.50) is a light pink nude, which works well with my pale skin. I’ve been reaching for this as an everyday nude as I’m not big into statement lips for the day. Nicki’s Nude (£16.50) is a light coral shade, that I personally think would suit more skin tones than the Pinkprint as it’s deeper.

The amplified formula is creamy and pigmented, allowing the lipstick to glide on the lips smoothly. The finish is opaque with a soft sheen effect. It doesn’t dry out the lips which is a plus for me as my skin hates this autumn weather. When applying the lipstick you have to be careful as the amplified formula is really soft and you can easily snap it, trust me I found out the hard way with another amplified lipstick!

These lipsticks are great and if you’re a makeup lover, a Nicki Minaj fan or both, I recommend you get your hands on these before their gone.

The next post will be something rainbow and pony related… Can you guess what it is? What’s your favourite MAC lipstick?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎