Happy Tuesday! ♥︎

Glitter obsessed? That’s what I am! At the moment I’ve been loving anything that sparkles from stationary to makeup. I have a few custom glitters, finding I prefer gel based glitters more than loose ones as you don’t have to faff around with glue and they stick to the lid better. Indie glitter brands are affordable, but when I came across Primark’s Glitter Obsessed palette (£4) I was intrigued to see if this incredibly cheap palette was any good.

Primark Glitter Obsessed Palette, Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

My Tip!-  Always make sure that any glitter that comes near your eyes is cosmetic safe! Normal glitter has sharp edges and can be detrimental to your eyes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

The packaging is pretty poor but for the price, I didn’t expect anything amazing. There are a few duplicates in the palette which I’m not too disappointed by as there are 28 glitter pans. For the application, I apply the glitter gel with a finger and pat onto the lid.

I haven’t tried all the shades as that would be a lot of glitter! But the few I have tried I’ve found the consistency varies between the glitters. But they are all pretty rubbish! This palette gave me some of the ugliest swatches I’ve ever done… The glitter effect is very minimal as the glitter in the gel is very dispersed. After you scrape a bit off the top you can see in some of the shadows that there are large clear patches which is just mainly gel.

You can sort of build the glitter up, but as it’s mostly gel it’s not the nicest effect… it’s more glossy than glittery. Honestly, this product reminds me of makeup I played with when I was a kid, even from my memory I think what I had back then was better than this palette.

Primark Glitter Obsessed Palette, Hit or Miss? - MAHALA

If you look at my swatches from Sparkle & Shine Cosmetics (one dip of the finger & one swipe), Primark’s palette just can’t compete. There’s just not a high enough glitter to gel ratio. If you want a very subtle glitter look maybe the Primark offering might be for you, but if you’re like me… And you want blind everyone with glitter or for them to even be able to see it, you’ll want to find an alternative to this palette.

As you might have guessed this gets a miss from me, the shades are beautiful in the pan but they are majorly let down by the dispersal of glitter which is just meh.  Primark Glitter Obsessed?- I’m not impressed!

What’s your favourite Primark beauty product? Are you glitter obsessed?- Be sure to comment to let me know!