MAC Fix+ | Is it worth the hype?

Hello October!

When it comes to makeup sprays, the MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ (£18) is thought to be one of the best on the market. The hype around this product has been around for years, but I hadn’t gotten round to trying it until recently, even though I’ve been told to try it time and time again.

MAC Fix+ | Is it worth the hype?- MAHALA

The clear water spray contains cucumber, green tea and chamomile; to hydrate the skin. I find that my skin is very awake and plump when I use this product, it’s probably the caffeine at work. The pump gives you a great spritz leaving the face really doused in water. I definitely feel wet afterwards! After some hand flapping the spray dries down and leaves the skin dewy. This is a change from my usual setting spray, Revolution’s Pro Fix Oil Control (£5) which leaves my skin very matte. For years I’ve lived by the assumption that the Fix+ was a setting spray, but it’s actually a “binding spray”; that’s meant to freshen the skin and makeup, whereas setting sprays increase longevity of makeup wear etc.

Like the name suggests the Fix+ spray can be used before and after makeup application. With my skin not being the best lately with the change in weather, makeup just doesn’t sit well on my skin, spraying Fix+ before application helps hydrate my skin a bit. I wouldn’t say it acts as a replacement for a serum or a moisturiser, but if you’re in a bind it’s a quick fix.

MAC Fix+ | Is it worth the hype?- MAHALA

I love using this spray to finish my makeup, it melts all the powders on my face making me look less matte and cakey.-Which is perfect as sometimes I go OTT with the powders! My skin looks sort of glowy and dewy with this spray. Throughout the day I do get a little shiny, but then again it is not a setting spray!- So it’s not going to control oiliness.

Now onto the negatives… When I use this my mascara always runs, that means cleaning up my under eye concealer which is easier said than done. Now the next one is my fault really… Stupidly I spilled a lot of setting spray, as I kept undoing the bottle (without knowing, clearly!) as I kept locking and unlocking the spray top, which slowly turned the lid off, maybe there’s a design flaw or it’s just me!

Is it worth the hype?-  Yes! I think it’s a great spray, it melts the makeup well into the skin, making it look more natural rather than powdery and matte. I think in warmer climates and if you’ve got an oily skin type this might not be the best option for you as it doesn’t increase longevity of wear and won’t stop you getting oily throughout the day. But if you have dry skin this might be your skin’s new best friend!

Are you a fan of MAC’s Fix+? What product should I review next?- Be sure to comment to let me know!



12 thoughts on “MAC Fix+ | Is it worth the hype?

  1. I didn’t realize at first that it wasn’t for setting makeup because so many YouTubers use it as a setting spray. When I tried, it didn’t give my makeup longevity so I wasn’t happy with it. But when I found out it wasn’t intended as a setting spray, I was happy to give it another chance but as a way to get rid of powdery-ness.

    1. Exactly, we’re lead to believe that it’s a setting spray and it’ll keep our makeup on longer, I think a lot of people think it’s a setting spray. 😛 It’s an amazing finishing spray though. x

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