Spectrum x Mean Girls | Hit or Miss?

‘On Wednesdays we wear pink.’, you know I had to say it! As I write this post I’m curled up in bed with a mega cold and Mean Girls is on in the background, I love the film and the more I get into it I realise I lived with a Regina George at uni, anyway that’s a story for another time. When my favourite brush brand, Spectrum Collections announced their Mean Girls collaboration with Paramount there was a lot of shrieking going on. I’ve had my Spectrum brush set for a year and half now, they’re still practically new but I saw this limited collection and needed it!

Spectrum x Mean Girls | Hit or Miss?- MAHALA

Spectrum x Mean Girls | Hit or Miss?- MAHALA



Spectrum x Mean Girls | Hit or Miss?- MAHALA

For days I stalked the postman without any luck. It took 10 days from ordering for the brushes to reach me. I was pretty bummed it took so long and I’d never had any issues with the brand like this before, so I don’t know what was going on. When it did arrive I was shocked by the giant Burn Book box it came in, I will definitely be keeping that! I got the Mini Burn Book & Mean Girls Brush Set (£79.99), the site was also offering 10% if you joined their mailing list, so of course I did!

Spectrum x Mean Girls | Hit or Miss?- MAHALA


The Burn Book brush holder is firm and is made of soft material, it really does look like the Burn Book from the film. The small details , like the tiny Burn Book zip really make it special. The book holds the ten limited edition Mean Girls brushes for all your application needs, they’re really girly and scream ‘the Plastics’. There’s a long chain so you could wear it as a handbag, although I think it’s a bit out there for me to wear!- But each to their own. Inside there’s a detachable black pouch which I’m sure will come in super handy.

Each pink brush with purple ombre has silver font detail and a quote from the film. With iconic phrases like: ‘You go Glen Coco’, Grool’ and She doesn’t even go here’. I love this touch, I have a little laugh to myself when I look at them as I apply my makeup. The brushes themselves are synthetic, vegan and cruelty free, being the same great quality as previous brushes I have used time and time again from the company.

I definitely think this collection is totally ‘fetch’ and if you’re a fan of the iconic film you’ll absolutely love these brushes.

Do you leave Spectrum Collections? What’s your favourite quote from Mean Girls?- Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎



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