Worst Face Mask Ever!

I love face masks. I seem to collect them (lame I know!) and I try out new ones regularly. I’d heard about Lush’s Cupcake mask, face masks… cupcakes… I had to try it out. When I got round to going to Lush the sales assistant broke the news that my dry skin type is a no-no for the heavenly mask and he offered me two sample masks to try at home. Lush is pricey sometimes so I was so happy I didn’t spend anything on products I wasn’t sure of.


Saturday night, after taking pictures (blogger life!) I decided to give the worst smelling face mask, BB Seaweed, a miss, opting for the one that looks a bit like honey mustard, Oatifix. I’ve heard good things about oats for the skin and can remember making oat hand masks when I was younger, so I had high hopes.

The smell was really off putting and I was thinking the minute I put it on ‘how long can I bear this?’, then the burning started. My cheeks began to sting and burn. I’ve had teeny tiny feelings of annoyance when using masks before (in total I’d say 3 times and I’ve used soon many masks) and some weird tingling with the brightening mask from Primark, but this mask however was on another scale. I ran to the sink to wash it off without much luck, in the end I used toilet paper to wipe it off and then had to wash my face several times to get the mask off.


The mask was on and off before I could even take a hideous selfie for this post!

My face felt really clean and oil free afterwards, but my cheeks were really sore like I’d been sunburnt. I don’t class myself as having sensitive skin, so this reaction really came out of the blue. Considering this mask was recommended for my skin type I’m really surprised. I’m a bit put off by Lush skincare ATM as the mask damaged my skin (it’s now back to normal), it was difficult to remove and smelt ratchet. I’m not taking anymore chances so the other sample has gone straight in the bin. Thank goodness for samples!

Have you had a bad reaction to a face mask? Are you a fan of Lush skincare?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

18 thoughts on “Worst Face Mask Ever!

  1. Oatifix is exfoliating and meant to remove dead skin so it’s supposed to sting a bit, although I think your skin just didn’t like some of the ingredients! I’ve used it many times before without too much trouble so it’s a shame that you had a bad experience with it.

  2. That doesn’t sound good! I have pretty sensitive skin, so I can’t imagine how the mask would go with me. Probably won’t be trying it. I loved reading this blog post! Feel free to check out my latest too.

  3. Ah no, I had something similar when I tried herbalism by lush, it was meant for combination skin yet made my cheeks even redder and broke me out with spots! It’s such a shame really, especially when I highly rate Lush as a brand. Hate having sensitive skin!

  4. Oh my gosh! First off, I’m sorry about the face wash! Next, I’m so upset because I have really sensitive skin. So most likely I won’t be able to wear it 🙁 So sad. Thank you for posting!!!

  5. Wow, this post was very surprising as Lush is supposed to be such a natural line. I’ve wanted to try their ‘rosy cheeks’ face mask for ages but the price tag has been putting me off as it expires so quickly. Definitely going to think through it a little more after reading your horror story lol

    1. Yeah that’s why I was even more shocked about it. Definitely head in-store and ask for a sample of the product to see if you like it, then you can see if you’d actually get your moneys worth if you got it. ♥︎

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