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When L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise mascara hit the market in the US, everyone was saying it’s a dupe of the amazing Too Faced, Better Than Sex (£19) mascara. With Too Faced’s mascara being my absolute favourite mascara to date, you know I had to see if a drugstore brand could compete. Like almost every makeup release, all the makeup lovers in the UK have had to wait. Then when advertisements came out for L’Oreal’s new mascara I was a bit confused, instead of the pretty pink packaging I’d seen, the UK’s release is a gold/orange shade. Oh and the name was different… to Paradise Ecstatic (£11.99). I found all this a bit confusing as I thought it was a completely different mascara to the one I had heard about and I wasn’t alone. But, Boots had assured customers that it was the same, so fingers crossed!

Personally I prefer the pink packaging, although this one is ok and better than most lower end packaging, which often isn’t anything special. When I first used the L’Oreal mascara I hated it. I put it down to me not being used to a full length wand (as I’ve been using a mini Better Than Sex) and the thinner mascara consistency. It just felt unfamiliar and bizarre to me. The second time and time’s subsequent I have really loved wearing this mascara. The formula does feel a bit thinner on the lashes compared to the Too Faced mascara, but it gives a similar thick long lash I love. I normally apply two coats as I like full on lashes, but one coat is definitely enough.

Better Than Sex Dupe?!- MAHALA

The mascara brush is similarly hourglass shaped to the Better Than Sex mascara, which lengthens the outer lashes as well as evenly coating them. I like the brush, I am a big fan of bristle brushes rather than plastic ones which cause me to flinch and get the mascara smeared all over.– Anyone else have this, or is it just me? Another similarity is the excess product which seems to gunk around the top of the bottle when you take the brush out, I don’t know why this is happening but I don’t experience it with other mascaras.– Maybe it’s the brush shape??!

This product is a great dupe for the Better Than Sex, I do slightly prefer the thicker consistency of the Too Faced mascara, although I do think this has replaced my Better Than Sex mascara for the time being, as it’s cheaper. And it’s easier to get hold of, considering you can only get Too Faced products in the UK from selected Debenhams stores and online, whereas you can pick up L’Oreal products from most drugstores and supermarkets. At the moment I’m really big into buying makeup in person as I like to swatch!

Have you tried this mascara? What’s your go to mascara?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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