August | Faves & Oh No’s

Hello again!

I’ve had an amazing bank holiday weekend. Sam and I headed up to London for a fancy meal and have had a good time lounging around. The next week I’ll be job hunting….

August | Faves & Oh No's- MAHALAWith it being near the end of the month I thought I’d share another one of my monthly faves and oh no’s! If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I LOVE Garnier’s Moisture Bomb Mask, it’s incredibly hydrating. Moisturised skin is important as it helps foundation sit better on the skin and I’ve found it also minimises my pores. I have a real hate for pores so I do everything in my power to minimise my own. I managed to pick up lots of these masks in Sainsbury’s for only a £1, when they’re normally £2.99! Bargain!

I’ve been loving La Riche Directions hair dye (£3.99) this past month. The formula is so pigmented and the shade plum, fades to a pretty lavender shade on my hair. I find this dye is far superior to Bleach London’s when you compare staying power and overall finish. And the little fact that it comes in a great sized pot to dip your fingers into is a massive plus, with Bleach London I always had to cut open the bottle and it was such a struggle.

I’ve been wanting a piece of silk floral print clothing for a while, and this clutch handbag from Primark caught my eye the other week. It’s a reversible clutch, with the opposite side being a plastic/ faux leather; not the nicest but I’ll never have it that side anyway! For £5, I’m pretty happy.

I’m big into pink accessories, so these trainers screamed me. I’ve gone through so many pairs of converse, but I have absolutely hated this pair. They are incredibly uncomfortable, I have had so many cuts and blisters from these pink leather converse (£60). The beautiful rose gold accents I was originally attracted to are a total pain in the arse! The weight on the shoelace makes the laces come undone as you walk, so I’m forever stopping and tying them up. I definitely think the normal converses are far superior to these leather ones, these shoes sadly get two thumbs down from me. They’re pretty, but just not practical for me.


My biggest oh no of the month is the Primark Rainbow Face mask (£3). The really cute mask just didn’t do my skin any favours, I broke out and it stung. After talking to a sales assistant in Lush, a brightening mask might not be a good idea for my skin type which can be on the drier side. That being said a lot of you got in contact saying you had a similar bad reaction to this mask. It seems it’s been an oh no for more than myself this month!

I haven’t had any makeup faves which is a bit odd for me, but not a surprise as for a lot of August I didn’t wear any makeup. There are some makeup reviews lined up for this week, to be the first to hear about it follow me on instagram (@mahala_fashion).

What have been your faves and oh no’s for this month? Be sure to comment to let me know!

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