With the £1 Nose Strips from Primark being such a success I thought I’d delve deeper into the beauty products the brand offers. I picked up this Brightening Mask (£3) mainly as it’s rainbow and I’d seen the Holler and Glow sheet masks floating around on Instagram, so me being me needed to know if they were any good…

The mask is thick and a bit stiff compared other sheet masks I’ve used, feeling a bit heavy on the face. Bizarrely it was longer on the sides rather than longer going up down the face, so it did cover part of my hair (which I’d just dyed eek!). The pattern on the mask itself is fun and I was going round showing everyone in the house. If you were alone I think you’d be like yeah that’s nice and then forget about it as you can’t see your own face unless you’re staring into a mirror.

Here I am looking all kinds of creepy with my mask on!

The mask contains mulberry extract, lemon fruit extract and vitamins B3 and B5.

My face felt a bit itchy and irritated when I had it on, not enough to take it off but it felt a bit weird on the skin. When I took it off I wasn’t happy, I broke out with two under the skin spots on my chin. I’ve never had a reaction like this before with a sheet mask. You can look at it like this… The face mask brought out impurities from within the skin or that your skin just doesn’t like the mask. Either way I’m not the biggest fan of the mask, it wasn’t comfy and the next day my face was so oily, like it’s never been before… I think my face was reacting to something from the mask…

This Primark mask sadly gets a thumbs down from me. The packaging is cute, but the material and serum just don’t live up to other face masks. I didn’t see any brightening of the skin or any other beneficial properties from using this mask. This time it shows gimmicks are sometimes just gimmicks when it comes to skincare.

Are you a fan of these face masks? What should I review next?- Be sure to comment to let me know!