Happy Monday!

I bought this thinking it was a four-step blackhead treatment, as I did an amazing three-step one a while back. I hate the look of my pores so I’m forever trying to clean them out and get a flawless complexion, I can tell you this is a never ending battle! When I got home from Primark I soon realised that I bought a pack of four normal nose strips rather than a treatment with several steps. I clearly need to read the packaging more carefully… It is called 4 One-step Cleansing Aloe Nose Pore Strips (£1) after all!

After a shower I popped one on and left it until it was stiff which was around fifteen minutes later. I went against the instructions which says to pull towards the the centre, and I pulled upwards as I’ve heard it clears the pores easier. This strip got so much out of my skin. I didn’t think my nose was particularly bad, but this removed so much.

There was a tiny bit of residue from the strip that came off the skin with a splash of water. The aloe vera made the skin soft after use and my pores weren’t gaping open like some pore strips have left my the skin. A few days later I’m really happy, my pores are clear and considerably smaller.

The strip removed so much which is amazing, I was pretty dubious over this in the beginning as it’s 25p per strip and I’ve tried some expensive ones which have been pretty disappointing. These strips get two thumbs up from me and I’ll be heading back to Primark to pick up some more soon.

I love face masks, what are your favourites? Have you tried any Primark beauty products?- Be sure to comment to let me know!