Yay it’s Friday!

I always get excited when it’s the weekend, but I appreciate them more now as my boyfriend works during the week and I don’t get to see him as much. I also go a bit more jazzy with makeup at the weekend and I have some new products I desperately want to try out! Today I’m coming at you with of course another makeup review…Revolution Aqua Priming Base | Hit or Miss?

I really like Makeup Revolution’s Pro Fix Oil Control Setting Spray (£5), and have been using it on/off for a over a year to set my makeup. I like getting products from this brand mainly as it’s affordable and in the back of my mind I like supporting a UK brand as there aren’t that many about. I’m always up for trying new products, as you know! So when I saw Revolution’s new Aqua Priming Base (£5), I wanted to give it a go.

There are no promises on the bottle, just the instructions “Close eyes, hold 20-30cm from face and spray” which after trying this for a month doesn’t surprise me. You can probably tell what turn this review is going to take… I don’t use this word often when it comes to products as growing up I was always told this is strong word, but I HATE the smell of this spray. It’s like a mix between old water and a slight floral scent. Every time I smell it I feel nauseous. The spray top gives a nice little spritz and for the price the packaging is good.

Considering this is a primer it doesn’t achieve the classic qualities you want it to have. It doesn’t fill in/ minimise pores, moisturise the skin ready for foundation or the absolute must for a primer… keep the foundation on longer. I actually found that my foundation slipped around and went patchy AF, or I found by the end of the day I was a mega grease ball. As it doesn’t prime the skin properly I found I was having to use other primers onto of this, making it a total waste of time.

For me this is a total dud of a product. It doesn’t provide a base for you to put your makeup on, it’s just some smelly water in a bottle. I find when it comes to this brand I have had some total hits like with the Setting Spray and some epic fails with their Retro Luxe Lip Kit and now this primer.

Do you love this primer? What are your favourite pieces from Revolution?- Be sure to comment to let me know!