I haven’t uploaded in a while as if I’m not happy with the things I write I won’t upload it. After all if I wouldn’t read it, I don’t expect anyone else to! With anything in life sometimes I think you need to have a break and now I am back with lots more reviews coming your way! Today I am coming at you with another lipstick review…

This post was a long time coming, I was always going to review this lipstick for my ‘is it worth the hype?’ series. Everyone and their nan has this lipstick! Drum roll please… of course it’s the iconic Velvet Teddy from MAC. It’s so popular the brand has even revamped its packing for their Shadescents collection. You can buy it for the same price (£16.50) in the normal black packaging, but I’m a bit extra as you might say, so I had to get the revamped packaging.

I’m no stranger to MAC lipsticks so I already know there’s a certain standard and quality across their lipsticks, when it comes to Velvet Teddy it’s no exception. The deep toned nude matte lipstick is complimentary to my pale skin tone and I think it would look beautiful on those with darker complexions. Personally, I’d wear this for the day and night, as I am a nude collector (lipstick that is!!).

The formula is creamy and comfortable on the lips, I didn’t experience any drying out from this lipstick. I wore it on a girls night and found a slight trace was left on my wine glass, but not at all like other generic tube lipsticks which leave a good old transfer. After five hours the lipstick looked as if it had just been applied, which is amazing for me as I always find lipsticks fade by this point on me.

I have a few MAC lipsticks and this is definitely my favourite of the bunch! It’s just such a great shade, it’s so pigmented which gives a flat long lasting colour. I can definitely see why this is a popular shade, I can say the hype is warranted!

Are you obsessed with Velvet Teddy? What product should I try next for ‘is it worth the hype?’… Be sure to leave a comment to let me know!