Hello again!

In the beauty world there are hits, misses and those meh products. The great thing about makeup is one person’s nightmare is someone’s go to. When I find a product I love I’m already thinking about getting a replacement for when it’s empty.

I think I’ve had more than ten of these in the last year, I find Garnier’s Moisture Bomb (£1.99) sheet mask is incredibly hydrating and cooling. When I’m stressed I pop one of these on, sit in front of the TV and let that relaxing feeling set in. I’ll often lose the concept of time and have the 15 minute mask on for double or even triple the amount of recommended time. If your skin needs a quick boost I definitely recommend you trying this sheet mask, their inexpensive and often on sale.

Products I had to buy again!- MAHALA

I absolutely hated this foundation when I first reviewed it, but I gave it a second chance and have now had to repurchase the Estēe Lauder Double Wear foundation (£32.50) as I love the stay-put full coverage it gives. It’s biggest downside for me was that I had to tip the product out onto my hand which spills everywhere, just take a look at the state of the bottle! Luckily a MAC foundation pump (£4.50) fits perfectly in this little bottle, making application now effortless. I will definitely be washing out the pump when I’m done as £4.50 is a bit steep for what it is!

Ardell Demi Wispies have been my go to fake eyelashes since Christmas, I’ve probably gone through ten plus pairs so far. The flirty wispy look isn’t too overpowering for my little eyes and their incredibly comfortable to wear. You can wear each pair multiples of times if you look after them. These are great for natural everyday looks to over the top night looks. No wonder these lashes are a favourite of Kylie Jenner! You can buy single packs of lashes for around £5.50, where as a pack of four retails for around £16.

When buying makeup I can’t urge you enough to do a quick google search to see if there are better prices out there. Often pieces in Boots and Superdrug will vary in price or one will have a better deal on than the other. Also, check out the brand’s official website, you can get some great discount codes for signing up. I got 10% off at MAC and 20% off at Estēe Lauder!

What products are you constantly re-buying? Are you a fan of any of the products I’ve mentioned?- Be sure to comment to let me know!