My Makeup Storage

My Makeup Storage


Since I’ve just moved I’ve reworked my makeup storage situation. Hilariously, my makeup is the most organised part of my life and there’s still some stray bits here and there! Since getting more into makeup I’ve found a makeup bag isn’t the answer anymore, I sort of had to shake the bag around to find bits and it was getting dirty and gross. I now keep makeup bags for traveling, which I’ve done like once in the last year. Oh well a girl can dream!

I’ve kept my original acrylic makeup storage I picked up from Amazon to keep lipsticks, highlighters etc… Pretty much everyday products go in this little storage holder. Going for around £12 (I think),  this is great! For some reason being able to see your makeup is weirdly satisfying and it makes rummaging for makeup way quicker. It also makes me feel like one of those beauty YouTubers surrounded by all their makeup.

Now onto more acrylic storage! This container came from Primark and I think it was around £2. Honestly, there is no real need for this storage, except that it looks nicer than having the plastic packet sat on the desk. It is definitely not a necessity!

For brushes and liquid lip products I keep them in metal containers from Ikea, which are actually flower pots! These are incredibly inexpensive from £1- £2. I love keeping all my lipsticks in one place as I can easily read the labels and pick out what I need.

Something you might not know about me is that I go through periods of wearing fake nails and when my natural nails are long I’m forever painting them and using gel polish. Now I haven’t done that in a good while as my nails are non-existent from stress, but I do keep all my bits together in this Ted Baker box. It came as part of those Christmas sets a few years back, the products it came with are long gone but the box is made really well and is still looking great.


This isn’t storage exactly, but I love my tiny metal bin from Wilko’s. Having this on my desk means I don’t pile cotton wool up or rubbish. I definitely recommend this… I can’t remember how much this was but I think it was pretty cheap.

Where do the palettes live? The skincare products? Makeup I don’t use very often like palettes and products waiting to be tried out live in a white cabinet so they stay out of the way.

I’m now off to reorganise my makeup and make it look like the pictures as since taking them I’ve moved it all around and it’s a total mess!  I’ve started being more active on my Instagram story (@mahala_fashion) today and I’m actually talking for once. So if you want to hear what I sound like head over to Instagram.

How do you store your makeup? ATM I’m looking for drugstore makeup to review, what should I try? -Be sure to comment to let me know! ♥︎

18 thoughts on “My Makeup Storage

  1. cute makeup storage! I should be getting a nice vanity unit soon so will be investing in some storage then but for now I just have everything stored in a big drawer on the bottom of my sofa in my room and have a load of makeup bags to keep it organised a bit x

    1. Since this post my makeup is sort of everywhere in makeup bags, tubs etc. I’m totally jealous of you getting a makeup vanity, I would love one but currently don’t have the room ♥︎

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