Topshop Lipstick | Hit or Miss?

Topshop Lipstick | Hit or Miss?

Here it is! My most requested review ever… Here are my thought on Topshop’s lipstick. After so many of you wanted this I headed over to my local Topshop, not needing any more lipsticks in my life, but I got some because why not?! I picked up two lipstick, it might have been more if I hadn’t been disappointed by the swatches of the darker shades which came out a bit patchy and clumpy. Now this might be the case as they were testers, but with my student budget I wasn’t taking any chances. I wanted to get a couple of the liquid lipsticks too, but most of those were opened or separated, so I thought I’d give them a miss for the time being!

There was a sale on, so instead of the normal £8 price tag they were half price.-Yay! I picked up a pink shade called Mind Your Manners and a darker matte pinky nude called Anon. The packaging is similar to the highlighter I reviewed a few weeks ago, which I thought was meh, although the fact it’s white and stands out from the rest of my makeup is something I quite like.

IMG_8284-1Anon (matte) and Mind Your Manners [Top- Bottom]

When I swatched these two on my arm I was like sh*t these are creamy! I pressed down a bit hard as I wasn’t expecting them to have such a nice formula, that’s why the swatches aren’t the best.

Like most lipsticks, your lips need to be in good condition before you slather on product. I did find these lipsticks were no exception to this rule and I took it off the first time I wore it as the heat had made mine all crusty.– Hot right?! So I would recommend putting some lip balm on before you put your makeup on and when you get to the lip portion of your beauty routine your lips are all set.


On the lips the colour pay off is pretty good for a generic lipstick, it does fade but that’s expected with these types of lip products. That’s why I tend to go for liquid lipsticks as I don’t often have the ability to retouch up my lipstick. Although I found touching up was painless and quick as they are really really soft and glide on, so you can duck under the table and in one swipe you’re done! The matte and normal formula were really comfortable to wear and I didn’t have any drying out of the lips throughout the day.

For me these lipsticks are a hit! I really enjoyed wearing them, I’d even pay the full price for them as I love their creaminess. Just a heads up like most brands different shades might have different formulas, so I definitely recommend swatching in store if you’re looking into trying some of the darker shades.

Do you love Topshop makeup? What do you want me to review next?- Be sure to leave a comment to let me know! ♥︎



19 thoughts on “Topshop Lipstick | Hit or Miss?

      1. I feel your pain, where I lived previously was so far away from everything and we never got any of the latest makeup or fashion releases 😂 x

    1. I’m surprised at how good these are, considering it’s just high street makeup. But it seems Topshop quality is pretty good! Thanks for reading ♥︎

  1. If you want to try a really amazing liquid lip color, you should give LipSense a shot! It lasts all day but the best thing is that it’s completely smudge and transfer proof! Try it out, maybe do a review!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I had been wanting to try this after I saw Tati on YouTube try it, but totally forgot about it, so thanks for reminding me! :p

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