Happy Monday!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here, I haven’t been feeling the best the last few days. A lot of you already know this, but I have chronic fatigue syndrome and sometimes my body relapses, making me incredibly exhausted. It’s a condition I’ve learnt to monitor, although sometimes everyday stressors in life means a relapse of fatigue isn’t avoidable. But today I’ve perked up as I’ve reached 800 followers today, yay!

Thank you so much for the support you’ve given me on my little old blog, some of those nearest to me don’t get it and think blogging is weird… which at times can be disheartening, so you’re support means the world to me! If you want to start blogging I definitely recommend that you give it a go, as the community is incredibly friendly and supportive.

So once again thank you!

I’m catching up with blogs tonight so leave a link to your latest post and I’ll head over to your corner of the internet.  â™¥ï¸Ž


36 thoughts on “800 Followers!

  1. Wow congrats that’s awesome! I just started my own blog I’m a little lost and understanding how to get around the settings and all. I as well suffer a lot from fatigue its the worst feeling ever. Hope you have better days.

    1. Thanks! I totally get what you mean, I am still lost with wordpress settings even over a year later! If you have any questions send them my way on here or on Twitter (@MahalaFashion93) or Instagram (@mahala_fashion), I’m always willing to try and help… although I may not know how to do it either! 😂 Same to you lovely, I hope the fatigue doesn’t get you down! ♥︎

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