June Faves & Oh No’s

June Faves & Oh No’s

Another month has been and gone! The end of June has been a busy one for me, I’ve moved and life seems a bit chaotic. I’m looking forward to getting back to writing my TV series for my masters as I feel it has been a bit neglected recently. If you remember I had very cockily said I was doing a 30 days of lipstick challenge which I thought I could do… Surprise surprise I failed, yet another makeup challenge! I think it’s just not in my personality to wear something because I have to! This month I have been trying out some new things which will come to you soon in reviews, a certain lipstick everyone wanted me to try will also be up very soon!

My June Faves & Oh No's- MAHALA

Let’s get started with some fashion, it’s mahalafashion.com after all! I have been loving these Sole Diva Knot Detail Platforms (£29) from Simply Be, I wear a lot of black so this flash of pink really changes up my look. Personally I think a lot of things on the online site are naff and for the older generation, that’s why I was so shocked when I did a google search and these cute heels came up. I know I don’t post much fashion here, mainly as I way prefer beauty now and makeup fits all, but I think I’ll be adding a bit more on my blog.

Now on to beauty, when I was packing up I came across my Lancôme Juicy Shaker (£19.50) which I thought was long gone. I love this lip product, it’s a hybrid between a lipstick and lipgloss which you shake up to depending on how pigmented you want the product. I find it makes my lips look plump and super shiny, with the heat it is a perfect product for your lips to stay moisturised.

IMG_5532I reviewed the Topshop highlighter (£12) in the shade Crescent Moon in the last month and have been using it quite frequently since. I tend to put it on my cheekbones for an added summery glow whilst making my eyes look more awake by applying some to my inner corners with my finger. If you want a subtle pick me up for the eyes I definitely recommend this. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I think it does wonders!


Now on to the oh no’s… I’ve had the KKW x Kylie Cosmetics collection ($45) a month or so, and never wore them after I swatched them as honestly I forgot about them. I decided to give them a whirl and I really don’t like them. They’re just so wet as a lipstick and they move around really easily on the lips. As they move around a lot, even when the lips touch together, I just don’t feel comfortable wearing them and I wipe them off every time I try to wear one. The colours are really pretty and the packaging is right up my street, I just hate the formula. I also, noticed a bit of separation going on in the tubes, I know this isn’t a biggie and you can mix it etc. I just haven’t experienced that with any of my other liquid lipsticks from the brand or any other brands I have like NYX. Some people love these lipsticks, but they just aren’t for me.

What are your faves and oh no’s for June? What do you want me to review next?- Be sure to comment to let me know.



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  1. Ive heard such bad things about Kylies and KKW’s lipsticks!! I got her Vacation Bundle, and the lip products in there are super good! So weird that the KKW ones weren’t up to scratch! xx

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