When I first got into makeup, MAC was the brand I lusted over. The beautiful looks and sleek packaging still catches my eye now. I’ve experienced a few hit and misses when it comes to this brand, I really didn’t get on with the Studio Fix Foundation and I am not a fan of the lip glass formula, it’s just so sticky. Instead of dwelling on the negatives I thought I’d share three of my favourite MAC products.


Patisserie, Sin and Soft Ochre (Top-Bottom)

Lets start off with my favourite beauty products… lipstick! My go to nude lipstick is Patisserie, a pretty soft pink nude with a creme shine finish. It’s not the longest lasting but it fades beautifully, which I always look for as reapplying lipstick throughout the day isn’t always an option.

Another lipstick favourite is Sin, a matte deep plum shade that stays on throughout the night when paired with a lip liner. I love deep lipsticks but, I find they bleed or transfer quickly which is not  a cute look. I find Sin lasts longer and if a touch up is needed it can be done easily, where as with some lipsticks it clumps and flakes.

Everyone has heard of this product, honestly I picked it up as Nikkie Tutorials kept going on about it and I can see why. Paint Pot in the shade Soft Ochre works perfectly as an eyeshadow base. It creates a blank canvas, making the eyeshadow  shades pop on the lid. Using this product it definitely increases the longevity and crispness of the eyeshadow. I love this product and definitely think it’s worth the hype! There are different shades to choose from if you’d prefer a coloured base or a white one.

I definitely want to branch out my MAC collection with more lipsticks and the much talked about Prep & Prime spray.

What are your favourite MAC products? What MAC products do you hate?- Be sure to comment to let me know!