As requested today I’m going to share with you my current skincare routine. To give you some context about my skin, this time last year I washed my face with hand soap and water, and to remove makeup I used Primark face wipes. My skin was incredibly dry, so much so foundation just didn’t sit right. A year on my skin is in better condition, I have less blackheads, smaller pores and my skin feels nourished and healthy. I would class my skin type as normal and combination (in colder weather).

Top Tip- Remove your makeup in an upwards motion, it prevents tugging of the skin.


I cleanse my skin using Garnier’s Micellar Water with cotton wool or if my skin feels fairly oily I use Garnier’s Cleansing Gel Wash which I find is a stronger cleanser that gives a deep clean. I try not to use this one that often as I don’t like it to remove eye makeup, so for the morning being makeup free it’s perfect. Also, I don’t use it that frequently as I worry that due to it’s strength it could cause dryness.

My Skincare Routine- MAHALA


Step 1- To remove my makeup I use Garnier’s Soothing Botanical Cleansing Milk with rose water, it removes eye makeup and foundation well, whilst leaving the skin hydrated and smooth. Since I’ve started using this product I have been able to ditch moisturising from my routine!

Step 2- I use yet another Garnier product from the Soothing Botanical range, the Toner with rose water and generously apply it to my skin using cotton wool. Since using this product I have found that the redness of my skin and the size of my pores have reduced. This is definitely one of my favourite skincare products.

Once a Week

I exfoliate my skin to remove dead cells and clogged up makeup. Lately I’m not the biggest fan of scrubs as even though they no longer have plastic beads I find they are quite rough on my skin. Instead I prefer to pump Cleansing Gel on to a plastic cleansing exfoliating pad and lightly buff my skin, I follow this by splashing water onto my face.

Every 2-3 Weeks

At one point I was on a war path with my blackheads and was doing treatments several times a week, this just made my skin dry and left pores open. I now do a blackhead treatment around everyone 2-3 weeks. My all time favourite product is the PiggyMom 3 Step blackhead treatment; it opens, removes and closes the pores. It removed so much from my nose, sadly I haven’t seen it in TK Maxx recently, but there are some similar products on Amazon I need to check out.


Even following a regimented routine occasionally a spot will turn up, sometimes there isn’t anything you can do about it as it’s hormonal. To deal with it I dab a small amount of Sudocrem onto the blemish and leave it overnight, this seems to help it go down. This skincare trick has been in my family for decades, even my grandma swears by this treatment!

African Black Soap Mud Mask- MAHALA

When I Need AMAZING Skin!

If I have a special event coming up where I need perfect makeup or if my skin is feeling a bit dull I will use a moisturising face mask to get a quick boost of hydration. I’m often picking up new masks to try, but my go to at the moment (no surprise here) is Ganier’s Moisture Bomb, it absorbs into the skin well and is often on sale in the stores near me.

You’re probably reading this and thinking is this girl sponsored by Garnier, I wish! I just really like their products and they are really affordable unlike some similar products on the market. If you have a favourite skincare product be sure to comment to let me know!