May Faves & Oh No’s!

May Faves & Oh No’s!

Yay it’s Friday! Eeek I’m so excited for tomorrow night as I’m heading to my uni summer ball, where Cascada and Example are playing. I love getting glammed up and seeing music live in my opinion is better than clubbing. I’ll most probably be spending the rest of the weekend curled up in bed vowing to never drink again… Today I thought I’d start a monthly segment on products I’ve been loving in the past month and talk about the products I wish I hadn’t given my time and money to.

Swatches! Puree, Georgia & Bellini (Top- Bottom)

Even though there’s been a lot of negative press around Too Faced regarding Jerrod Blandino’s opinion that he started unicorn makeup and the contract regarding Nikkie Tutorials collaboration with the brand, I’ve been reaching for one of their most popular products. When it comes to the face behind the brand and the negativity associated with them, I sometimes feel conflicted about buying their products and whether to feature them on my blog. Regardless, I thought I’d be honest and say I’ve been loving the Sweet Peach Palette this month. I’ve been dipping into the shades Puree, Georgia and Bellini to make a pretty soft look and of course the smell of the packaging is intoxicating! The Sweet Peach Collection is expanding soon and I’m excited to see if they live up to the quality of the palette.

I have been loving the Soothing Botanical Toner from Garnier this month, it has helped reduce the redness and pore size of my skin. When I reviewed it I did experience an oilier complexion, but that seems to have calmed down now, so I’m back to using this amazing skincare product everyday.

In May I dyed my hair blue! To combat the dryness bleaching and hair dye can do I have been reaching for my trusty Reincarnation Mask from Bleach London, I’ve mentioned this product several times on my blog in the past, but it’s really affordable and does the trick. A definite must to look after weak and damaged hair.

I’ve found I’ve been constantly reaching for my Makeup Brush Cleaner & Drier from StylPro as I’m doing my makeup. It cleans and dries the brushes in seconds, finding that I’m cleaning brushes between products to use them, making my makeup look so much better.

Kylighter | REVIEW- MAHALA

Now onto the oh nos… This month I have not been impressed by the Kylighter in the shade Cotton Candy, the pigmentation is just not there! Considering I have highlighters a tenth of the price of the Kylighter with superior pigmentation and glow pay off, I wish I hadn’t bought this product. With the added stress of ordering and customs, I’m not sure if I’ll be making an order with Kylie Cosmetics anytime soon. Seems the love affair with the brand might be coming to an end.

What have been your a fav products of the month? What products have been oh no’s?- Be sure to comment to let me know!


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      1. I totally get what you mean and the solution for foundation brushes is a bit pricey too 😩 I did a full review on it recently here on my blog if you want more info, or if you have any questions ask away! x

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