Happy hump day!

The last few days I’ve been contemplating trying a new makeup challenge, I know what you’re thinking, I did fail the last one after two days. Looking back I failed the 100 days of makeup challenge due to a combination of laziness and being camera shy (another reason why my YouTube channel still isn’t up!). Starting tomorrow I will be attempting the 30 days of lipstick challenge, fingers crossed that I will actually wear a different lipstick everyday in June. I think this is an easier goal to reach than 100 days of different full face looks, I seem to stick with my eyeliner flicks most days instead of changing it up. This challenge is perfect for me as it will give me the opportunity to go through my lipstick collection and give them some much needed love… Some of them I’ve never even worn before! 

I will be posting each day over on my Instagram (@mahala_fashion) and on the app Veleza (@MAHALA) as I don’t want to post here everyday on my blog; as it could get tedious for you and I’m too lazy for that! If you decide to try this challenge or you’re digging your lipstick make sure to tag me so I can check out your post.-I’m always on the look out for more lipsticks!

On another note I now have blue hair, so when/if you check out my social media you haven’t stumbled across someone else, I am now cartoon looking with my here comes summer hair.

For the rest of the week I have some posts you’ve been requesting from My May Favs to My Skincare Routine, so look out for those. On the topic of posting, I know I have been fairly consistent with posting but haven’t had a set schedule, I want to hear from you whether I should keep to this method or if you’d rather I posted to an actual schedule.

So place your bets now, how many days do you think I’ll last? Have you done a makeup challenge and succeeded?- Be sure to comment to let me know!