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  1. The only acne product that only seems to work on my skin is X-Out! But it’s quite expensive so I’m still looking for another alternative for my skin, and I recently saw an advertisement for a charcoal acne mask, and I really wanted to try it out. It sucks I don’t remember names well 🙂 but pls keep me updated with your skincare products. Would really love to see how they turn out ❤️

    • I’ve never heard of X-out before but I must check it out. I love charcoal masks and scrubs I find they really benefit the skin. I plan to do a post on my current skincare routine sometime this week. Thanks for reading!

  2. Everyone keeps recommending using a brush for face masks but for some reason I have yet to do it! You have just reminded me to get one! Face masks are always really interesting to hear about because so many are hit and miss, great review lovely xx

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