Happy Friday!

My skin has been at war with me the last week, honestly I think my hormones are totally out of whack and my skins erupting. Concealer had been doing a good job of hiding my problem areas but they just aren’t going and to not get too into too much detail for both our sakes the blemishes are deep under the skin. Rummaging through my face mask bag, yes I have a bag as I do like finding new ones and bargains when I can, I came across the American Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask from Shea Moisture. I won this in a giveaway back at the beginning of the year, thinking I’d never use it as it’s for acne prone skin and the face masks I tend to use moisturise my skin like Garnier’s Moisture Bomb. But with my recent predicament I decided to give it a shot.

Top Tip- When applying face masks use a flat synthetic brush, it makes application quick and mess free whilst applying an even layer on your face. Then you just run the brush under warm water to clean all that product off.

This mask contains African Black Soap which is made of ash and oils like coconut oil which is thought to heal problematic skin. The mask made my skin tingle slightly, every so often when it was on, but not uncomfortably so. It smelt like play dough, you know how it has that salty smell which was a bit unusual for a beauty product and really took me back to my childhood! I don’t know if all products which contain African Black Soap have this salty smell or if it was just this mask?!

It was meant to be left on for no more than ten minutes, but I got side tracked so I think it was on for double that! It wasn’t difficult to wash off like some mud masks, as it’s not too thick in consistency. The redness of my blemishes significantly went down and the rosiness of the rest of my skin went down slightly. My skin felt really clean and oil free. It didn’t make the blemishes go straight away, but I would say they helped them go down quicker. When I can, I like to try beauty products that have natural ingredients known for their beneficial properties for the skin like charcoal, so I will definitely be looking into trying other products with African Black Soap as it seems to actually work with my skin.

Are you a fan of African Black Soap products? What’s your favourite face mask?- Be sure to comment to let me know!