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The lovely Bea over at interviewed me on her amazing blog, I’m so honoured she asked me to appear in her “Get to Know” series. If you want find out some more about the person who brings you beauty reviews or learn about collaborations as a blogger definitely have a read of the post and check out the rest of Bea’s blog!

StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Drier- MAHALA

Cleaning brushes is probably the bane of my life! Being hunched over the sink with my brush egg scrubbing away once a week with 20+ brushes isn’t my idea of fun, but I do love a clean brush so I endure. My biggest problem though is the long waiting time for the brushes to actually dry, so I have to plan cleaning them in advance or I have to do them in batches throughout the week or else I’m left smearing foundation on with my fingers. When Tom Pellereau kindly sent me the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Drier (£49.99) to try out, I was excited to see if does what it claims… To clean and dry you makeup brush in seconds.  This goes without saying, but I’m going to put it out there, like all the reviews here on my blog this is my honest opinion!

IMG_534StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Drier- MAHALA

What do you get?

StylPro device, attachment spindle, plastic cleaning bowl (with silicone seal and splash guard), 8 x flexible silicone collars (different sizes), collar stand and Instruction booklet. In the box I also got two samples of Makeup Brush Cleanser.

It’s pretty easy to put together and use. The guard on the bowl can easily be removed to pour out the used liquid and the bowl is just the right size for storing. If like me you were trying to do a mini Instagram video DON’T turn on the device with the brush not in the bowl! It spins the brush really fast and I learnt the hard way with foundation splattering all over my white rug. Luckily the Cleanser from StylPro removed it all.

How do you use it?

-You attach your makeup brush to a silicone collar and attach this to the device.

-You pour some Cleanser or water and antibacterial soap into the bowl. Just enough for it cover most of the brush head.

-Then you dunk the brush bristles in the bowl (I did this a few times).

-Turn on the device and watch your brush spin (this is the fun part!) letting it turn in the water for around ten seconds.

-Slowly bring the brush up out the water to spin around to get dry for another ten seconds.

-Turn off the device and remove the brush from the bowl.

-After each use dump out the dirty solution. It was incredibly dirty and made me think about how gross the brushes were even after one week of use!

Foundation brushes cleaned with StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser

Left picture cleaned with StylPro Makeup Brush Cleanser, Right picture using antibacterial soap and water

Does it actually work?

Yes, when you follow the instructions it works pretty well and does what it claims! Oil based makeup like foundation and eyeliner need to be cleaned with the Cleanser, which removes caked on foundation amazingly! I absolutely love quickly this product made the makeup run out of the brush. On one brush I did have to clean it twice as the first wash wasn’t clean enough for my inner perfectionist, that being said it cleaned and dried StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner & Drier- MAHALAquicker than any other method. When I was experimenting with this product I used a whole bottle of Cleanser on around 20 brushes and don’t forget that small amount for my rug! I tried using antibacterial soap and water which is suggested for oil-free makeup like blush, bronzer and setting powder; finding that it didn’t clean as well as the Cleanser and had to go over some of the brushes with the Cleanser.

Here’s the downside… The Cleanser is £9 for 150ml (that’s not that much…) and you need a little for each brush. I wash my brushes once a week so if I was to use this method for a year it would cost me a whopping £468. Even buying a new bottle once a month would still add up to £108.

Personally I wouldn’t have bought the StylPro Brush Cleaner & Drier as I’m a fifth year student and I’m so poor it’s laughable. Most of the brushes got clean in a matter of seconds and even when they had to be washed again, they were ready to use incredibly quick.-Which is amazing! I think this product would be perfect for makeup artists or for a lazy makeup lover who can afford this product or doesn’t clean their brushes that often. For my fellow broke makeup addicts it’s great but I’d say stick to your normal brush cleaning routine and save your money for makeup! I think the Cleanser and the device is really good, but I’m bummed out by the the upkeep price of buying the Cleanser. I just can’t justify paying that much for each brush clean.

*EDIT* Since publishing this post Tom Pellereau has reached out and told me you can reuse the small amount of Cleanser for several brushes, so YAY you don’t use as much Cleanser and spend less money!

Have you tried product? What do you think? What’s your favourite way to clean your brushes?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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    1. I’d seen it in-store but there’s not been that much advertising around this, so I think it’s fairly unknown in the beauty community. Thanks lovely! x

  1. I was just watching Lauren Curtis talk about this the other day! It sounds so good, I’m so tempted to try it out. Loved reading this x

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