For the last two weeks or so I’ve been using the Garnier Soothing Botanical Toner with rose water after I cleanse with either the brands Micellar Water or their Cleansing Milk (which I previously reviewed). I’d never used a toner previous to this as I honestly had no idea what it’s purpose was and lazy me didn’t want to add another product to my beauty routine.

Garnier Soothing Botanical- MAHALA

What’s a toner? It’s a product that gently removes makeup residue and impurities on the skin, supposedly making it cleaner thus clearer. Some toners also reduce redness, although this isn’t what this rose water toner claims to do.

I really like the packaging of the Soothing Botanical collection, it’s sleek and pretty. I am a mega Garnier skin care lover, although I am not the biggest fan of this toner. After cleansing I did find that this product did remove left over makeup which the cleanser missed, and it left my skin feeling really radiant after use. I have also noticed a slight change in the condition of my skin, as the pores on my cheeks and nose appear to be slightly smaller.

Garnier Soothing Botanical- MAHALA

These all sound great, so why is it not a hit? I have skin on the drier side of skin types and have found since using this my face is getting oily throughout the day, a problem I didn’t have previous to using this product. My skin is feeling oily like it did when I was a teenager! I’ve been generously applying my Stay Matte Powder from Rimmel London to try and keep the shine away.

Perhaps the toner is removing some of my natural oils and my skin is trying to overcompensate.-That’s my theory anyway. I’m going to pull it from everyday beauty routine and maybe use a small amount on my nose and cheeks a couple times a week to keep my troublesome pores at bay. I guess I didn’t really need a toner in my beauty routine after all!

Have you tried this toner? Do you have a favourite skincare product you’d recommend?- Be sure to comment to let me know!