ColourPop Haul! (Swatches, 1st Impressions and UK Customs)

ColourPop Haul! (Swatches, 1st Impressions and UK Customs)

Colourpop Haul- MAHALA

This is my first ever order with the American brand ColourPop, but I’m no stranger to the beautiful swatches I’ve seen everywhere. I’ve heard mixed reviews over the liquid lipsticks so I didn’t pick any up this time, as let’s be fair I have enough liquid lipsticks to last me a life time (or maybe a few!). I did pick up a few Super Shock Shadows which I’m planning to wear for an awards ceremony next week and for my uni summer ball, obvs not all at the same time!

My order came with a free angled makeup brush which was an added bonus, a girl can never have enough brushes!


Coconut, Prickly Pear, La La & Dance Party (Left-Right)

I picked up Cocount ($5) a beautiful vibrant blue shadow that I’ve been lusting over for months, I think this will be perfect with a black smokey eye to make the blue really pop.

Colourpop Haul- MAHALA

I’ve been gravitating towards purple shadows lately and picked up Prickly Pear ($5) as I thought the gold and violet mircoglitter would go great with the purples in my original Carli Bybel palette.

I am a holo sexual, it’s true! But I haven’t wandered into the realm of wearing holo, so when I saw this blackened violet with holographic glitter I really wanted to try Dance Party ($5). It’s definitely a clubbing shadow for me, I’m not sure how much wear it will get as I rarely go out clubbing, I’d rather listen to my music and stay in with Sam. According to the website these shadows can last up to 3 years if the lid is put back on after application, so it might see some outings!

I’m a little disappointed that La La ($5) did arrive slightly damaged (not a mega problem),  it was the one I was most looking forward to trying. Oh well, I suppose two minutes with me it would have been broken up anyway!

The Super Shock Shadows are unlike anything I’ve felt before, their sort of soft and moist(ish) and sink into the pot when you touch it with your finger. They are beautifully pigmented and I’m excited to try them out properly. My only sort of downer is with Dance Party as comes it swatches as a a greyish purple rather than vibrant purple it is in the container, that being said it’s still pretty.

Instead of picking up a liquid lipstick, I went for something different and got a Lippie Stick ($5) in the shade Tootsi, which according to Colourpop is a “pinky greige matte”, good old google let me know “greige” is a shade in-between beige and grey. Doesn’t sound the Tootsi Lippie Stick ColourPop- MAHALAnicest, but nudes are my go to and I’ve been wanting a matte lipstick which doesn’t dry my lips out like liquid lipsticks. The lipstick has a very sweet almost vanilla candy sort of smell, which I don’t at all.

I excited to try the Lippie Primer ($5) as it claims to smooth and plump the lips as it has tiny beads that fill in the lines on our lips. Fingers crossed that it does what it promises!

Now to answer the question I get asked time and time again, YES I did have to pay a customs charge, my total from ColourPop was $28 (thanks to 20% off) and I had to pay £14.58 to the UK post office to receive my parcel. Personally I thought this was a little steep from the post office, considering when I spend roughly $100 on Kylie Cosmetics I pay around £21 for customs. Oh well, it’s just something that comes with purchasing makeup from abroad.

This was just a quick post I wanted to share, as I love hauls to see what people have bought recently. Let me know if you want any reviews from this haul. What’s your favourite ColourPop product?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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