My Favourite Brushes

My Favourite Brushes

I review a lot of products here on my blog, but I don’t often say what are my all time favourites. I thought I’d start off with brushes, makeup brushes to be precise. I’m not the biggest fan of sponges to apply makeup, I find I just can’t get the application right that means I have a hefty collection of brushes.


When it comes to foundation brushes I’ve tried a lot of budget ones ranging in sizes and shapes, although none of them beat my favourite flat head blender brush ‘In the Buff’ B01 (£8.99) from Spectrum Collections. It’s a beautiful brush, no surprise there as all of their brushes are Instagram ready. The synthetic bristles are soft and aren’t too absorbent of product. They clean well and considering I’ve had this brush for over a year it’s still going strong, with no staining or shedding. Personally I think this brush is perfect for blending liquid foundation and buffing out contour using a rotation movement.

My Favourite Brushes- MAHALA

The Bh Cosmetics 101 Blending Brush is my favourite fluffy blending brush for eyeshadow. It’s super fluffy and quite big for an eyeshadow brush allowing for an easy buff of eyeshadow whether it be for transition shades or outer corners. This is part of a 7 piece natural fibre set of eyeshadow brushes and for £14.00 for the set, I think it is definitely worth the money!

My Favourite Brushes- MAHALA

Another Spectrum brush I use all the time is the ‘Killer
Cheek Bones’ C04 (£8.99)
, I use it to apply setting powder and contour powders like Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer. And here’s my student ingenuity coming through, I flatten the brush out to form a a fan brush to have get a really chiselled contour and to apply highlight on to my cheekbones. Again I haven’t experienced any staining or shedding!

I obviously use more than three brushes throughout the week, but these are the brushes I’m always cleaning and wanting to use. What are your favourite brushes? Any brush brands you’ve been lusting over?- Be sure to comment to let me know!


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    1. Absolutely love Spectrum brushes, they are pretty and are amazing quality. Thanks for all the love you’ve given me on my blog today, I really appreciate it! ♥︎

      1. Oh you’re very welcome sweetie, I always like to read your bloga and I really enjoy them so much. I wasn’t that much active lately but I’m finally back stalking you all 😅💛

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