Why Glambot makes my skin crawl…

Why Glambot makes my skin crawl…

Happy Friday everyone!

I find in the beauty community there is some naivety when it comes to the use of preowned makeup, so I thought I’d share with you some eye opening points that might change a few opinions regarding the growing site Glambot.

Glambot is an American site which buys and sells pre-used makeup, from and to makeup lovers who are on a budget or for those who want a sold out product. Sounds great right?

Why Glambot makes my skin crawl...- MAHALA

From the off, I was inundated with money saving offers, a card trick discount game and then two more varying discount offers as I searched through the site. Saving clearly is what they want you to believe as you look through their site.

Why Glambot makes my skin crawl...- MAHALAWhy Glambot makes my skin crawl...- MAHALA

Screenshots from Glambot & Colourpop (Top- Bottom)

But wait… from just looking briefly through the site I found that some of the products are more expensive than the brand new versions from the original site. For instance, Glambot is selling a Colourpop Lippie Stix Primer for $7.20 with 20% of the product already used by the previous owner. Off of Colourpop’s site it is $5 and yes, 100% of the product is there. Why would you pay more for less? Probably because you’re under the illusion that it’s second hand so you’ll be getting it cheaper.

The more I looked the less impressed I was by the prices, they actually aren’t that great. I just don’t see the point of paying around 10% less or even in some cases more than the original, for less product and the reality that some stranger who could have some serious hygiene issues use it before it reaches my face.

My biggest issue with the site is that the makeup is used. So many diseases and illnesses are spread through makeup. The site doesn’t allow products which use a wand, like liquid lipsticks, mascaras etc. and it’s meant to be hygienically sterilised, but come on who are you kidding germs could still be on this makeup. You could get illnesses far worse than the common flu… like herpes and glandular fever. Makeup goes on the face, eyes and lips; the most precious and some of the most sensitive areas of your body.

Look at like this, would you pick up a half full water bottle you found in the road and drink it? Yeah, I thought not.

Why Glambot makes my skin crawl...- MAHALA

The site also looks unpolished, the pictures of products are blurred and taken from the original brand’s sites so you don’t actually get see what the product’s condition looks like until it’s at your doorstep. And that’s because used makeup rarely looks good!

I’ve never used Glambot and the only time I’ve used, used makeup is only for colour swatching on my hand, to see the consistency and shade. Using preloved cosmetics can be so dangerous to your health and let’s be honest that’s more important than looking good!

Yay or Nay to Glambot? What’s your views?- Be sure to comment to let me know!!

13 thoughts on “Why Glambot makes my skin crawl…

  1. Ew – I am sorry, even if I just swatched something and hated it I would only give to a super BFF or sibling. Like – just to be clear, this has my germs on it 😀 Not for me…

  2. I would never purchase from there, you never know how the products were used and how safe they are to use on your own face! Also the pricing issue is a big no for me! xx

  3. I’d be hesitant to buy anything cream based but powdered products don’t bother me. I’ve purchased stuff once (empty palette, single eyeshadow, and a blush) and just sent in a pile of stuff to sell. I won’t buy anything without checking original prices but I am interested in some discontinued palettes that I may not be able to find elsewhere.

    I do disagree about the photos, as well as what used makeup looks like. First off while it would be awesome to see each individual used item photo that would be a ton of work for the company. Additionally the items I purchased were clean and in great shape.

    While it may look chaotic the site was easy to search.

    I also think that it may be worthwhile to look into how they sterilize items before claiming that the products are germ infested. Just my opinion.

  4. I hadn’t heard of this before, so I’m not sure how they clean the products… but overall my opinion is yuck! there are certainly germs, I totally agree! and lol, I would NOT pick up a half drank water bottle in the street to drink it (maybe just to throw it out) 😂

    1. They actually don’t say how it’s cleaned on the site, I’ve researched it and from what I can tell it’s by using alcohol which does kill 99% of bacteria, although only on the surface of the makeup… So all the bacteria below the surface is still there! Eeek! Haha thanks for reading and I’m glad you wouldn’t drink the water bottle haha

  5. Oooh I don’t think I like this. I’m not keen on the idea of having a site where used makeup is being sold. Can you imagine all the germs and what not? I just think it’s not hygienic no matter how many times they use alcohol to clean it.. I’ll happily purchase brand new products even if it’s going to cost me more.. 😟 😲 Thanks for bringing it to our attention xx

    1. Glad you found this post useful! I sadly wasn’t shocked that people would happily buy used makeup, people have offered to buy lipsticks off me before (nuts right?!)!! I’m the same I would rather save up and get something new 😛 xx

      1. Oh wow I can imagine, on a side note; I even hesitate sharing earrings as I hear it could cause infections etc.. 😟 Thanks for sharing this love ☺️ xx

      2. Haha, ever since I learnt this working at Swarovski, all my earrings have been hidden away! Lol 😁 You too lovely, have a fab one! 💕😘 xx

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