Today I was rummaging through Superdrug as my boyfriend set me a challenge, as I’ve been a bit lost with what to share with you all here on my blog. (I’ll let you know more about the challenge when I do get round to doing it.) I think I’ve become quite secure in my makeup routine as I haven’t mixed it up recently, or tried new products to review. Today I thought I’d mix it up.

So I’m at the till with all my goodies and my stomach drops, sh*t where’s my debit card?! I always worry about this and now the dreaded situation hits me. I could see my card sat on my bed mocking me.

I say quietly, “how much is that?” as I rummage desperately through my purse for cash to make up what I owe, finding way too many 2p’s (no wonder my purse is so heavy!). The shop assistant avoids eye contact as he too is embarrassed by the situation. After getting the manager over to void the transaction, an orderly line queuing behind me and feeling stupid and poor at the same time, I say goodbye to an incredibly grumpy shop assistant. Crimson cheeked I walk through the automatic door which didn’t want to open.

Garnier Soothing Botanical- MAHALA

One minute later, I was actually thankful the embarrassing situation happened… I didn’t really want that makeup, as I didn’t feel any regret or loss for not getting them, if that makes any sense?! I had no desire to come back later with my card or even order it when I got in. I saved £15 which would have been spent on some products which I impulsively picked up. I did however, have enough cash to get the new Garnier Soothing Botanical toner and cleansing milk to try out, I’m a sucker for anything pink. There will definitely be reviews to come!

Moral of the story… an embarrassing few minutes might save you money! Nice that at least one of my embarrassing antics has helped me out.

What products should I be trying out? Do you have bizarre makeup shopping stories?- Be sure to comment to let me know!