I’ve been watching Big Fat Greek Wedding so “hairs” it is today! Being a girl with mega curly hair I’m always trying to tame it with my GHD straighteners, it’s just how I prefer it. Recently, I’ve come across women saying that caucasian women can’t possibly have ringlet hair, well I can debunk that thought. Anyway with any hair type when you put it under a lot of heat you really need to protect it. I rarely blow dry my hair, as my curly hair just becomes a big poofy, frizzy mess if I do! I am guilty however, of subjecting it to straightening and then curling to get what I hope are somewhat glamorous waves. Protect yo hairs!- MAHALA

My favourite product which I have used religiously for years is TRESemme’s Protect Heat Defence Styling Spray, I picked up this cute mini one for under £2 in my local Boots. After towel drying my hair I spray it all over my hair and let it dry. I hate straightening my hair without using this spray first as I feel it really helps reduce frizz from the heat and the dreaded damage associated with heat styling tools. It also boasts to seal in shine, I wouldn’t say it does this above other products I use like hair masks, but my hair does look shiny when I straighten it so… I can’t really back or not back this claim (I’m in a sort Schrodinger’s cat scenario here). It’s also meant to protect your hair from UV rays, in England this isn’t something I’m thinking about but if you’re in brighter sunnier areas in the world this might be something to add to you hair routine.

Easy ways to protect your hair:

Washing your hair in cool water even for a few minutes at the end of your shower will also help prevent damage, hot water can cause heat damage to your locks too!

Wash your hair less often. I know this isn’t always something everyone can do, my mother would have a stroke if she couldn’t wash her hair everyday, but it helps prevent the hair drying out. With KKW only washing her hair twice a week, I’m trying to follow her example.

Use a hair mask, this can add moisture to your locks which will later be lost through styling.

Of course use a heat protection spray when you come to style it!

Do you have any tips for getting great hair? What’s your favourite heat protection product?- Be sure to comment to share your knowledge!