I haven’t written a review for a long time, mainly as I am the proud owner of the grand sum of £2.58 in my bank account, classic student. I’ve seen this around lately, and my mum picked it up for me on sale in Sainsbury’s as I’ve now got her addicted to the amazing Garnier Micellar Water. So here’s a classic Mahala review for you all on the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash (“wash” is key here!). Garnier Micellar Gel | Review- MAHALA

When I first saw this around the internet I was excited to use it with my plastic cleansing exfoliating pads, as I use the generic micellar water but it sort of sloshes around before it actually makes it onto my face, as you can imagine! Squirting a small amount of gel onto these pads is so much easier and convenient to use.

The first week or so of using it, I was actually doing it wrong! You need to use it with water, as it’s a wash; a technicality I missed. You create a lather in your hands and then massage your face and rinse. I however, was just applying it straight to my face using cotton wool and was disappointed by the result. Using it correctly, it gives a thorough clean of the skin, and it removes my full coverage foundation quickly. My skin feels really really fresh after I use it. It says on the bottle to apply directly to the eyes and lips, personally I hated applying the foamy wash to my eyes, I hate the sensation and for 23 years of my life I’ve been avoiding soap going near my eyes so it just freaked me out.

Garnier Micellar Gel | Review- MAHALA

The consistency of the gel isn’t too thick and it turns into a lather quickly with a teeny amount of water. When it comes to smell, it’s sort of a faint classic makeup smell (all my makeup addicts out there know what I’m talking about…). The pump is great as it means you aren’t wasting product which I often do with the original water.

Better than the original?– I think the gel is slightly quicker at removing my foundation than the water, although I hate using it near my eyes and it can only be applied in the bathroom as you need a sink. Personally, I prefer the original water as it’s quick, removes all my makeup and is portable, so I can keep it by my bed. I’ll keep the wash next to the sink and use it twice a week or so with the cleansing exfoliating pads, but I don’t think I’ll go through it like I do with the micellar water.

Are you a fan of the gel? Or are you a micellar water girl?- Be sure to comment to let me know!