If you follow me on social media you might have noticed I’ve been in London for days out, that’s because I went home for the Easter holidays. I don’t ever explicitly say I’m away when I am, as I never know who reads this blog! My sister then came to stay so honestly blogging has been on the back burner and I’ve been getting ready for my YouTube channel and of course the ever-looming dissertation. Today’s post is just a rambling mess I suppose, as one of friends said she enjoyed reading about what’s going on my life so if you’re bit of stalker (just kidding) here’s what I’ve been up to!

When I was eighteen I loved clubbing, I went out A LOT (several times a week) and some how managed to get up for 9 o’clock lectures?! A true miracle as I can’t even do that now! Five years on and by ten o’clock I’m thinking f*ck this! I think it’s a combination of “been there done that” and suffering from ME/chronic fatigue syndrome, the concept of staying up drunk and sleepy, dancing in a sweaty room with strangers isn’t my deal anymore. So all glammed up and I’d even taken the time to do my sister’s makeup, the CBA feeling set in last night. We had a great night in drinking, playing video games and watching films, oh and there was food, so all was not lost. We weren’t even hungover so we didn’t waste the following day.

Today has been on/off weather wise, although there was enough sun for a quick impromptu picnic on the hoe. I’ve started compiling a list of things I want to do before I move from Plymouth back up to Hertfordshire at the end of June, as once again I don’t want to miss out!

With my screenplay for my dissertation being set in WWII I’m always looking for inspiration (films, museums, books…), by chance today I came across a tiny exhibition for the 1950’s although not exactly topic specific for my own work (wrong decade I know!), I enjoyed looking at the beautiful full skirt dresses. I was very reluctant to check this exhibition out as I’d recently been to the Imperial War Museum in London and it took hours to look around so I didn’t want to drag my sister along, although hilariously the exhibition was so tiny it took less than ten minutes to see everything!Getting old, 1950’s and KKW!- MAHALA

On a makeup related note, I’m excited to hear about the KKW X Kylie Cosmetics collaboration, although let’s be honest I was going to be, as I’m obsessed by the company and lipsticks. Realistically, do I need more nudes?-Definitely not! Do you I want them?– Well, let’s be honest I want so many products from the site, including the blush and Kylighter this is just one to add to the list!

This has been a nonsense post for you all, I have a review lined up for in the next few days! Have a good weekend <3 What have you been up to lately?- Be sure to let me know! (I’m nosey)