Hope you have a had great Monday! I’ve been feeling pretty optimistic the last week; I’m in the running for a volunteer award at my university and a screenwriting competition I entered, so I’ve got an extra spring in my step.

Samples made me want it!- MAHALA

At the beginning of the year I won a giveaway on Instagram which was a parcel full of samples, from cute mini perfumes to primer samples. It was great as I got to try out products I wouldn’t normally buy as… a.) they are out of my current price range and/or b.) I didn’t know it existed. So now I’ve discovered them and found out it’s amazing, I want the full sized product. So for now, it’s on my list for when I get some money. I am so excited to get a job, I want to be able to buy clothes and makeup without thinking about being on a tight student budget all the time.

Drink of H20 from Tarte, is an amazing gel like formula which sinks into the skin quickly and gives a quick boost of moisture. I put this on before my makeup routine and it helps my skin feel fresh. I’m not a big fan of moisturiser as I hate the oily feeling on my skin, so to help my skin I love using serum like products like sheet masks to get an instant boost. If you like quick serum like products you’ll love the Drink of H20, I’m nearly out of this so this on the top of my list! Talking of Tarte have you seen the beautiful unicorn collection they’ve recently come out with, the gold makeup brush set is absolutely stunning.

Mineral Setting Powder from Ulta, I’ve never tried Ulta products prior to winning this giveaway as I’m in the UK and it’s not a brand here. I tried a couple of their products, they were OK but they didn’t get me excited like the setting powder. I’ve had problems with setting powders in the past which caused me to look ghostly, but this peachy/flesh toned powder gives a really natural matte finish without making me look too pale.

I didn’t receive this in the giveaway, but I am totally in love with the Sweet Peach oil infused lipgloss. I will be getting a full version as the colour is cute for warmer weather and the peach oil leaves my lips soft and smooth.

I’ve got more samples to work through, so my list will probably grow! What products are on your wish list? Are you a fan of samples?- Be sure to comment to let me know!