Not every beauty product I buy gets my approval, but being a poor AF student sometimes no isn’t an answer, so I’ve been trying some of my ditched products to see if they’re still pants. I tried out different techniques and ways to use them to see if I could get them to work, the second time round. I stand by my original reviews as they were my experiences and opinions from the time of trying them out. Anyway I’m just putting that out there as I know there will that one angry person, so here are my second thoughts…

The Oval Brush (£4) from Primark didn’t really do it for me the first time round. Trying it out over a few months I’ve found that it is great for thicker products, and I don’t get the streaking I had before perhaps as I was using the YSL foundation at the time which is much thinner in consitency and was getting caught up in the bristles. My verdict the 2nd time round?– I like it, I’ve found the more I use it and distress the brush the better it is for giving an even coverage. It’s not my favourite foundation brush in the world, but it’s pretty good.

Products I gave a 2nd chance

My review of the Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Foundation (£31) is properly the harshest review I have written. I hated the foundation, it made me look so patchy and uneven, it didn’t sit on my face it all! Frustrated with my experience, I went to the store to show them what was going on and they’d never seen anything like it. Considering it is pretty pricey and I had run low on my current foundation I decided to get this out of reject drawer. I find that this foundation is very temperamental when it comes to my skin, which at times is on the drier side. However, I have come up with steps that give a Instagram ready flawless finish, making it my favourite finish ever. Except getting that finish takes A LOT of work! I have to prep my skin to an exceptional standard or else it just won’t sink in or blend.

My method for making the Double Wear work:

Products I gave a 2nd chance

-My skin has to be smooth, I use an exfoliator every few days to remove dead skin.

Cleansed skin, I do this before I apply my makeup.

Moisturised, I apply a balm after cleansing and let it sink in.

-I use a silicone primer, my current go to is the Ultra Face Base from Revolution.

-Then I have to use a tiny bit of foundation, and smear it on as THINLY as possible.

-Work QUICK, I find it have buff incredibly quickly for it to blend beautifully.

Products I gave a 2nd chance

NYX’s Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator (£7) is a beautiful highlighter, but I found it crackled on top of my foundation, making it look a bit bizarre. I had seen somewhere on social media that putting an illuminator onto your face before foundation gives a glow within look. Using this technique I have found a new use for this product, which looks really pretty and glowy. I apply a pea sized amount onto my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and a tiny amount on my forehead.

These are a few of the products I have managed to find new uses for in my routine, although there are still some products I can’t use at all as they are pants. This includes the lipstick from the Revolution Retro Luxe Lip Kit (£6), the Binky London mascara (£4) and lipstick (£2) (don’t even bother with this brand, it is truly terrible!!).

PS. Sorry my pictures aren’t consistent, I hate showing pictures of used makeup so here they are all new!

Are there any products you’ve given a second chance? What products have you ditched!- Be sure to comment to let me know!