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  1. Have you tried mixing a face oil in with the Double wear, it might help thin it out a bit & make it more spreadable? I find that helpful with foundations like this, but then everybody’s skin is different 🙂

    • I tried mixing serums and some moisturisers into the foundation, but it created a bit of patchiness when it dried down on the skin. I haven’t ever used face oil, do you have one that you’d recommend?

      • I’ve used and like the Trilogy Rosehip oil, also if available to you Boots Botanicals soothing facial oil is a nice one as well. They don’t seem to react with Foundation the way moisturisers and serums do, they just seem to loosen up the formula if that makes sense. Hope it works for you xxx

  2. I love the double wear for the coverage and use it with a damp beauty blender… It blends beautifully with it! I mix it with moisturiser for days I don’t want such a heavy coverage and never found a problem with it. It is picky, like you said though- I can’t use a primer under it unless it’s Estee Lauder’s own (and not the matte primer either), so I moisturise a few minutes before and apply foundation directly.

    • Thanks for stopping by! It’s definitely picky like you said, and moisturising is really the key. I’m not really a beauty blender girl but think I’ll have to try this with this foundation! Thanks for your tips 🙂

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