I won a fake giveaway!

I’ve won, conducted and entered in giveaways. So when it comes to the giveaway I won a few months ago I thought it was a funny story rather than disappointing one that I should share with you all. So on the beauty app Veleza one of the users on the app did the generic follow me and like this post to be entered, to win a Smile Lip Kit. Not many people had entered and I thought why not? The first winner never responded, so I was the runner up. I gave the girl my details and weeks later she said she had problems at school and she couldn’t send it until the weekend. Which was cool with me. I was in no hurry.

Weeks from that she hilariously changed the name of her account, her picture, removed the numerous giveaways she had set up and hasn’t contacted me since. See the thing is I can still see her Instagram account she connected to the Veleza app. So her attemp to disappear has failed. Doing a bit of snooping I’ve found that this girl is quite young, lives in the US and naively set up giveaways not realising the implications of international shipping and the actual cost of it all.

Did I contact her again? No. I’m not actually bothered about never receiving the parcel, I’m a bit freaked out I gave her my address, but hey I’m moving soon! I think the moral of the story for her is to not post giveaways that can’t be fulfilled, you lose credibility for your account and you won’t actually make connections from running the giveaway. Moral for me, maybe I shouldn’t enter so many giveaways… I have to say the one I won on Instagram at the New Year was totally legitimate and amazing. So I’m torn.

With regards to the giveaway I have been mentioning for months, I know I’m rubbish! It will be up on my new YouTube channel when I’ve got my life together, which might be longer than we hope for!! And I’ve been adding bits over the months, so look out for it!

Are you waiting for giveaway prizes? Have you won any giveaways?- Be sure to comment to let me know.

12 thoughts on “I won a fake giveaway!

  1. Woahhhhhh, that really really stinks! I’ve never won a giveaway but I could only imagine how much it must stink to think you won and then it turns out to be fake! Good thing you’ve moved on and realized it’s not worth bugging her for it! Great post, thanks for sharing 😀

  2. That’s unfortunate. I want you to know I host looped giveaways from time to time and someone always wins and receives their product. Not all of them are fake! Better luck next time. <3 Autumn

    1. Thanks lovely, yeah I’ve won legitimate ones too. I’ll have to keep an eye out for your giveaways! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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