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  1. Love this! I have a Kylie gloss and I love it! I own Merry which was a holiday item but don’t wear it much because it’s red. However, I placed an order a few weeks back and besides purchasing Damn Gina and some other lip products, I got Literally for free because it was St Patrick’s Day! So excited for them to arrive 😫😅 I also own a NYX butter glosses and I love it! Will be purchasing some more soon 💗

    • I wanted Merry the most out of the Xmas collection, it looks so pretty! Oooh I’m so jealous of your order and that you got a free extra!! Glad you love the NYX glosses too, thanks for stopping by! x

      • Just realised that I said Merry- I do own that but I was referring to the gloss which is Naughty- sorry about that 😂🙈 Merry is really pretty too though! And yeah I love Kylie Cosmetics and when I found out about the free gloss I decided to take the opportunity haha! ❤

      • Haha don’t worry, I get so confused with all the shade names as new one comes out so often I lose track! I totally know what you mean, it’s such a good deal that you have to take it! 😆 x

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