Be careful who you collaborate with…

As a blogger occasionally a company will reach out to me to collaborate with them. Let’s just say now, I haven’t collaborated with any of these companies and here’s why…

Collaboration means working together to produce something, I think this is something you should really keep in mind when considering to work with people and companies. Most collaborations I’ve come across, the company has just contacted me to buy their product at a “discounted” price or their using me as free advertising.

I’ve had jewellery companies wanting me to make a moodboard of their products and put it on my blog, and what would I get out of it?– Nothing, except wasted time. They literally just wanted me to advertise their products which I’d never tried just out of the goodness of my heart, I obviously declined this bizarre offer. Another nuts offer I had was from a lingerie company, who wanted me to pose in my favourite lingerie or swimming costume (not their pieces) on my blog, to then talk about their own pieces and send a link to their site. First of all I would never talk about a product I have never tried, I don’t lie here on my blog for views. I purely want to inform you of what I liked and what I would recommend you didn’t waste your money and time on. Secondly, what the f*** do I get out of this collaboration??-Absolutely nothing!

A while ago I was approached by a upcoming app, they wanted me to appear on their website and they would advertise my blog on their newsletter as well as giving me some money for a giveaway on my blog. As the emails kept going back and forth, the giveaway soon vanished but the other offers still were available so I was still interested. Then I downloaded the app… It was so creepy and downright stupid. It was basically a live YouTube which you had to pay to tune in for each stream. It made me think of a web girl site! I quickly declined.

One of the shadiest of them all and you’ve probably heard of them, is Mirina Collections. Selling nasty cheap jewellery at massively inflated prices, giving people rashes and breaking within minutes of wear. The company approached me on several occasions to be a Mirina Girl, luckily I did my research and avoided getting involved with this terrible company. Hilariously, this company was one of the few who actually offered to give their collaborators something in return for working with them.

When should you collaborate?

-Always check out the companies site, is it a legitimate company.

-Always check out/try out the app they want you to advertise.

-Read reviews of the site, I did this and avoided joining the dreaded Mirina Collections.

-Make sure you know what is expected of you by collaborating, email back and forth so you know what is involved.

-What are you getting out of it? Don’t let yourself be used!

I don’t like ending on a negative note, so I’m just going to remind you that there are some great companies out there who do legitimate collaborations and are wonderful to work with, but the only ones I’ve collaborated with I contacted them first.-So that’s something to maybe keep in mind. 

Have you collaborated with a shady company and it didn’t work out? Or have you worked with an amazing company?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

31 thoughts on “Be careful who you collaborate with…

  1. I have also been approached by Mirina Collections on numerous occasions, I was not aware of the rash issue! I was just not genuinely interested in the products they offer so I declined. This post is a great reminder of what NOT to do.

    I’d love to know how you approached companies! If you’d like we can connect offline via email! 🙂

    1. Glad you found it helpful! I haven’t approached any companies recently, but I normally just send them an email saying that I’m interested in featuring their products on my blog and wondered if they were looking for any bloggers atm to collaborate with. I’ve only worked with smaller brands so far, but I know for bigger brands they normally want more info like how big your following is and how many views you get etc. If you have any questions you can get me on here, social media or at… 💕

  2. Bananas! Please give me free advertising without even sending you products! It takes so long to produce content, take photos push on social media *sigh*
    Great post, I’m lucky I’ve always been sent products, the discount ones are a firm No! x

  3. I’ve collaborated with one company before, Dandelion Decals, Renee, the owner contacted me and asked me if I’d work for her. Renee emailed me and said she makes wall decals and she’d love it if she could send me one and I could review it and write a post on it. I told her I’d be more than happy too. I was very very pleased with working with Dandelion Decals and I also got a coupon out of it, she gave me a promo code titled BEAFREE20 to share with my followers and if they use it they get 20%! I guess I’ve been lucky but that’s been the only person or company to reach out to me! Good luck and great tips! I love how you can speak from experience!

    1. See that’s a great collaboration! I wish more companies were so genuine like Renne. I think I get a lot of the company emails as my email is on instagram and my blog so anyone can send me a line! Thanks for reading x

  4. Oh hun I’m so happy that you expose this problems. I’ve had so many awful experiences with many different companies, many are very similar to yours and it’s actually really sad to see bloggers that bite to it and actually promote these brands. It’s sad and ridiculous at the same time actually. I personally did many collaborations and when it comes to makeup I always test products first and then decide if they’re good enough to share them with you ladies on my blog. I’d never write a review on a products I don’t believe in and that’s the most important thing.

    1. I know what you mean, I think some bloggers lose sight of reviewing things honestly etc. as they are so excited someone wants to collaborate. I know your reviews are always your honest opinion that’s one reason why I love your blog! ♡

  5. Thank you so much for doing this post! I have had a lot of companies offer me discount codes and I am trying to avoid these. Most of the products are still so expensive. When you reach out to brands, do you DM them or email?

    1. Yeah the products are often really overpriced and the code is just a way to get people to buy their products. I always send an email as it’s a bit more professional 🙂

    1. Haha apparently they have had to delete their instagram as they were getting so much hate! Think you dodge a bullet there by not replying! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. That’s interesting, because I always see only the good side of the collaboration. It is useful to know also about the ‘dark side’ of collaboration ;-).

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