The Vivid Baked Highlighter (£3) from Revolution has been getting some good hype, even from Jeffree Star on his YouTube channel. It’s a highlighter I’ve wanted to try for a while now, except I could never find the lighter shades as they were always sold out here in Plymouth. The last few weeks I’ve been trying out the shade Peach Lights, (I feel like I have everything peach in my life atm!) to see if this highlighter is worth the hype.

The packaging is really substantial considering the price, I’m normally a bit scared to Vivid Baked highlighter, is it worth the hype?travel with compact powders, but I feel pretty confident that this won’t shatter during train travel or being lugged around in my handbag.

This highlighter gives off a pretty iridescent silvery peach shine, that can easily be built up for a mega glow (I feel the swatch deffo doesn’t show it’s true glow!). When you just swipe it with your finger it looks like baby powder which is a bit disappointing, but when applied on the skin of your hand or your face it is really pretty and you get the glow you’d expect. After a few weeks of use I found that the powder softened slightly and was less baby powder-like when I swatched it with my finger and was much easier to use.  I’ve found on occasion that highlighters draw attention to my pores, but I haven’t experienced this with Peach Lights.

Vivid Baked highlighter, is it worth the hype?Initially it wasn’t my favourite highlighter but the more I use it and with it being softer I am definitely a fan.

Is it worth the hype? It’s not the most blinding highlighter on the market, but it is a beautiful budget highlight which can be an everyday product or built up for a dramatic look. Personally I feel this highlighter deserves all the attention it gets. I’ll be wearing it for tonight’s St. Patrick’s celebrations!

What do you think of this highlighter? What’s your go to glow?- Let me know!