The KOKO Kollection- MAHALAI really wanted this collection the first time it came out, but didn’t get it for some reason that I can’t remember, looking back it probably sold out before my eyes! On Valentines Day I was lucky enough to have gotten it by my fiancé, he understands my lipstick obsession!

We all know I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and this is my favourite lipstick packaging ever! Rose gold is such a beautiful metal, shade, whatever you want to call it. It has a very Kylie Cosmetics feel whilst standing out from my collection with it’s unique design. This collection comes with three liquid matte lipsticks (Okurrr, Khlo$ and Gorg) and one lip gloss (Damn Gina).

Khlo$ and Damn Gina

The vanilla cupcake smell is great, the lipsticks are comfortable on the lips and are really pigmented, giving a beautiful colour pay off. My favourite lipstick is Khlo$ it’s just a beautiful nude for my pale skin tone, I tend to pair it with a lip liner in the shade Exposed for extra longevity during the day. Personally, I do not experience dryness from the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks, I think I avoid this as I wear a lip balm most nights in bed to hydrate my lips. I’ve read a few reviews where people have complained of flaking and I found this only happens if you apply the lipstick on too thick.

☆My tip– Apply thin layers, this allows the lipstick to dry fully avoiding cracking and drying out of the lips.

Gorg and Okurrr 

The two darker lipsticks do stain, which is bit of a pain if you miss your mouth slightly. When I was swatching all the shades my lips went a bright pink from the liquid lipsticks, even when I put concealer on top you could still see it, so the gloss looks a little pinker than it should due to my stained lips.

Mega stained lips with concealer and Damn Gina

I’m not too bothered about staining as I’d wear the same lipstick shade the whole day/night, this would make fading of the product look less harsh. I hate wearing a lipstick out when I’m just left with a rim round the outside and my whole natural lip is showing through. My lips were stained the whole next day after swatching, even after exfoliating and cleansing my lips.  So staining has some ups and downs.

The lipgloss has a lot of glitter which does transfer leaving you looking like Edward Cullen from Twilight, which may not be a bad thing but it’s definitely not a date lipstick! I love the glosses from the company as the formula leaves the lips soft and hydrated.

Kylie Cosmetics is launching the KOKO Kollection as singles on the 9th March, 3pm PST only on the official site!

Do you have the KOKO Kollection? What’s your favourite lipstick collection?- Be sure to comment to let me know!