Mini Too Faced Haul

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great weekend and you aren’t dreading Monday too much. I know this isn’t really a haul, but I couldn’t really use the title “A couple of Too Faced Products I recently got”, so here’s a very mini Too Faced haul. I love reading and watching haul posts to see what’s out there and what everyone is trying out, so hope you like it!

I know I’m a bit late onto the Sweet Peach Palette scene, but after waiting for it to be re-released and for it to finally hit the UK, I now have my hands on the incredibly popular eyeshadow palette. I’m so excited to use the 18 eyeshadows to create some new looks and get some on trend peach eyes, a totally new look for me!

I’m running out of my go to mascara and eyeliner, and writing my last post on Too Faced releases in March I really made myself want to try the Better Than Sex mascara. I saw that you could get a mini duo from the Better Together Collection, getting the Better Than Sex mascara and the Kat Von D Tattoo liner and I was sold. I like getting small versions as it lets me try something new without the commitment of buying a more expensive full sized product.

With my purchase I got two mini products in the cutest pink pouch, everything the brand does is so up my street! I got an even tinier version of the mascara which will be great for clutch bags and an adorable Sweet Peach lip gloss. I’ve been using the gloss recently and I’m obsessed it leaves my lips so hydrated and smooth, there isn’t a big colour pay off Debenhams Samples- MAHALAwhich is a shame, but that might just be with my shade Pure Peach.

On top of all that Debenhams also gave me a goodie bag full of makeup and perfume samples.

I’m totally in love with the packaging for all of the Too Faced products and I’m so excited to try all these bits out. Ultimately, what do you want me to review here on my blog?

A big thank you to my boyfriends mother for spoiling me with this makeup! ♥︎

What should I review? What’s your favourite Too Faced product?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

10 thoughts on “Mini Too Faced Haul

  1. I love that mascara! Would really love your thoughts on the eyeshadow palette. I’m thinking about getting it but I feel like there are a lot of shades I wouldn’t use.

    1. I’ve tried the mascara a few times and love it! I’ll play around with the palette and do a review and maybe some looks, letting you know what I think 🙂

    1. haha I wish :p I’m a poor student and the Peach Palette was a present. It does look like such a pretty palette, have you seen the highlighters Too Faced are releasing?? ♥︎

      1. Haha I’m exactly the same! Really can’t afford to spend over £50 on one item 😟 I haven’t no! I only looked at the eye shadows, are they nice? ❣️

      2. I agree, it is a lot of money. Yeah they are stunning here’s a link to an instagram picture of the highlighter 💖

    1. The packaging is so stunning, it makes me not want to use them! I’d never tried a scented eyeshadow before as I thought it would be a bit odd… but I really like the peachiness of the palette. 🙂

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