March Too Faced Releases

I was scrolling through Jerrod Blandino’s (the brain behind Too Faced) Instagram and came across a couple of new releases which will be making their way to beauty lovers in March. I have so many products from the company on my makeup wish list including: The Sweet Peach palette and the Hangover primer. I absolutely adore the packaging from this company and I’m surprised I’ve been abled to resist getting their products for so long.

These new releases are heading onto my mental wish list!

The Natural Love Palette– Available 9th March on

There are some beautiful shades in this palette and a huge variety so you would be abled to create tonnes of looks. I think this is a perfect palette if you don’t have any eyeshadows and want a starting point. I have an ever growing palette collection with a lot of shades like this scattered between my palettes, that being said I still want this palette!

Love Light– Date TBC

These are some of the cutest highlighters ever, I love how they have a mirror so you can apply your glow on the go and it has a diamond sort of cut for the actual highlighter. It’s unclear what shades there will be and how many, but these three look super pretty. I’d probably go for the lighest shade as I’m incredibly pale.

Better Than Sex Mascara- MAHALA

Better Than Sex

This isn’t a new release but Too Faced are sending influencers out the famous Better Than Sex mascara and they’ve released a video for the product, as if they are doing a sort of publicity launch for it. Considering it’s voted as the best mascara, I can see why they want everyone to know. I really want to try this mascara as the hourglass wand is meant to lengthen the corners of your lashes to give more volume.

I’m so looking forward to when I finish university in the next few months and get a job so I can actually afford the makeup on my wish list!

What’s your favourite Too Faced product? What’s on your makeup wish list?- Be sure to comment to let me know!

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