Hello everyone!

I’ve been away on a long weekend to my home town in Hertfordshire, so I’m quite behind with all my writing uni and blog related. Coming back to Devon on the train I started to write a post about what beauty products I brought with me and frankly it was so boring even I wouldn’t have read it, so I wasn’t going to bore anyone else with it. So today’s post is more of a rambling of nonsense I suppose… No change there then!

Today I realised that I had obliviously passed my one year anniversary of my blog a few weeks ago. I was so scared to start my blog and very nearly didn’t. One year on I’ve received so much support and met some lovely bloggers (mostly makeup addicts, like myself) and had over 38,000 views, which I still can’t believe! So a big THANK YOU to all my lovely followers and readers, I really appreciate your support!


Recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of  whether I should do YouTube or not, mainly as it involves a lot of effort and I’m pretty lazy..! Also, am I even interesting enough for YouTube? I don’t even know if anyone would be interested enough in boring old me to even watch one of my videos. I would never give up my blog as I LOVE writing here on it and talking to all of you! Hmmm… so a lot of umming and arrring as you can tell.

If I did do a YouTube channel would any of you be interested?? Please vote in my poll!

Should I do YouTube? Do you have any Youtube tips for me?- Be sure to comment to let me know!