I’ve been a bit under the weather the last twenty-four hours so I missed out on seeing “Tank”, which sounds like the weirdest play ever, it’s based on a real life experiment to try and teach dolphins english. The story follows a woman who lives in a half submerged house with a male dolphin and it explores their relationship… I have so many questions… How are they going to show the dolphin? Is the dolphin going to talk?! Maybe I’ll get to see it when I’m better.

Like a lot of you already know, it’s my fifth year being a student so when it comes to beauty products occasionally I like to cut corners and find cheaper alternatives to the more expensive products out there. My new obsession has been nose strips so I picked some cheap ones up from amazon at about the third of the price high street ones are going for.

Charcoal Nose Strips- MAHALA

I love the benefits charcoal gives, so I picked up these “quick & easy” Deep Cleansing Charcoal Nose Pore Strips from the brand Pretty (what a naff name!). There are a few fullsizeoutput_78things wrong with those strips, the first being they have a horrific chemical smell. I can deal with smells but this is really off putting. The second is that the supposed charcoal (I’m sceptical of this) bleeds out of the strips when wet, leaving a black smear on your nose when you remove the strip.

I’ve been using pore strips for years and these don’t go hard when they dry, normally it feels like paper mache is drying on my nose. This makes me think that the product on the strip doesn’t fully do its job.-Maybe?!

Ultimately, does it do it’s job? Gross as it is, looking at the strip afterwards it didn’t remove that much gross gunk from my face, compared to Bioré strips I’ve used in the past and my all time favourite from PiggyMom. These strips are pants! Definitely, don’t waste your time with this product.

Have you seen Tank? Or do you have a favourite nose strip or beauty product I should try?- Be sure to comment to let me know!